License Plate Trace?

Discussion in 'General' started by Ganja Guru, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. OK heres the scoop to make a long story short. My brother just used my truck to take bricks from a walmart, guys asks for reciept, brother drives off as the guys saying "I got your tag". Now its just bricks so Im not freaking out, but still, can that guy cause the cops to show up at my door? Lets say he calls that report in will the cops go through the tacing trouble to find out the registration on my truck? Anyone?
  2. bricks from wal-mart?? u stealin em or did u buy em?
  3. youll most likely see the police
  4. i dont know, its bricks from walmart, its not a bank. Im just pissed and dont feel liek dealing with this shit.
  5. I would at least expect a phone call.
  6. Ok so theyre stolen? If so, youll prolly see the po po:smoke:
  7. How much money worth of bricks, the only way the cops will charge you is if they have it on camera.
  8. if he calls it in the cops will come knockin on your door for sure. i have a buddy that always does stupid shit in his car and the cops have came to his house on atleast 3 diff occasions when they call in his tag. sometimes they will come that day. sometimes they won't come till 3 days later. but more then likely if he calls it in, you will be dealing with the po pos. good luck with that.
  9. Hahaha, why the hell did you jack bricks?
  10. yea, expect to see the cops VERY soon. they will come 100% aslong as the guy phoned it in, which he likely did.
  11. Dude, aren't bricks like 99 cents/piece. Why the fuck would you take the risk to steal 'em? Your brother isn't very smart.
  12. Ok soo the cops DID 100% show up...LOL >but not really laughing.
  13. What happened? Lol, I hope whatever your building is going to be worth it
  14. hahahahaha fuckin bricks from wal-mart :hello:

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