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  1. Just wondering, how many of you are part of the LP, offically or otherwise? I just noticed a few people having the link to the LP site in their sig, which made me remember a "Which party do you belong to" poll a while ago that had more Libertarians than any other party. So I'm just wondering how many fellow blades are Libertarians, as it seems that Libertarians are usually pot smokers, or at least were at some point in their lives.
  2. Yeah I'm libertarian. I'm only 18 so I haven't had a chance to vote in anything major yet so it doesn't much matter but yeah.
  3. i like most of the libertarian platform, but i find in life that most people who "boast" that they are libertarian are often quite ignorant on many issues. they just like to do drugs.

    but i know bad apples spoil the cart so im just giving my two pennies.
  4. i was a die hard rep. but 8 yrs. showed me they aint nothing but udercover dems. listening to neal boortz for the last 3 yrs. has helped me know more of the party,, i switched sides and aint looking back... its funny about a month ago i got a poll in the mail from the republican h.q. it was a questioneer . guess there trying to average out what most rep.s are thinking.. i sent them the top part that had my info. on it and a handwritten letter[ i threw the survey questions away] i told them here is my info. please take me out of your database. i stated that the reason for my departure from the party. was due to george bush calling the minutemen a bunch of VIGILANTIES. it fires my ass just thinking about it [ i gotta go i feel enraged]

  5. You could be right, it's hard to tell because there are so few Libertarians. I've never come across someone who loved weed so much that they'd join the Libertarian Party just for that (there's a Marijuana Party for those people), but hey, it could happen. Although I was interested of the LP long before I used drugs (although not part of it because I was a minor).
  6. im guessing youre a member. i dont want to throw that post on you dude, cuz i like when threads are talking about legalization and such and you give your opinions. you really have a sound head on issues.
  7. Dude....

  8. i second that.
  9. Unofficially, I would say that yes, I am a Libertarian. By far, their views are the closest to my own across the spectrum.

    But, they are a little too extreme for me in some spots. For example, I disagree with their views on gun control. They propose things such as eliminating conceal carry laws, and things like that. As for me, I feel that guns should have legally recorded ownership deeds, like houses. You shouldn't be able to buy a gun legally without the government knowing that you have it. I know that sounds very big-brotherish but I think that the small invasion of privacy is greatly outweighed by the help that it offers police.

    I feel that every gun that comes out of a factory should have its barrel rifling signature in a public database. Ammunition should have serial numbers (on both the bullet and the shell casing), and the manufacturers should be required to keep detailed records of what ammunition went where. Hell, I bet that they could come up with a technology that makes a bullet send a signal to a GPS satellite as soon as blood gets on the bullet. Imagine how many more killers could be caught, and innocent people saved, if that was the only type of ammunition that was legal to manufacture.
  10. My take:

    It sounds nice in theory; every gun and bullet accounted for.

    But in reality, there will always be people willing to sell guns to criminals, even if it means the guns have to come from another country. So all that's going to happen is that the criminals will still have guns w/o bullets that are numbered, and now Average Joe has given up his privacy. That's it.

    Maybe you'd catch a few accidental shootings in the woods, or a few crimes of passion. But anyone that just wanted to kill someone pre-meditatedly would just have to find an illegal gun and, then the investigations would be back to what they are now.

    Plus, what if I steal a gun from someone (and use it illegally)? Couldn't the cops think that the person who owns it used the gun, then disposed of it? Or couldn't a real criminal report his gun stolen hours before he commits a crime, making it look like it wasn't him?

    And if you think the gov't could keep illegal guns out: look how successful the War on Drugs is. And for fucks sake, pot *reaks* and dogs can smell it, and it still gets through. So there's no doubt that no matter what the gun laws become, bits of metal shaped like guns will be able to be imported.

    Also, bullets are destroyed when they're shot, for the most part (well certain ones are, there's probably some kind that stay intact), so there'd only be a serial # on the shell, which in theory would be helpful, if the criminal is too dumb to pick it up off the ground.

    Those are just the flaws I can think of off the top of my head.


    Forgot the GPS thing: Any electronic device put on anything can be dismantled or destroyed. There's no way they could force someone to keep it on the gun, they'd break it or take it off, or even let the batteries die.

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