LF Pontiac Grand Prix GTP

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  1. A little help and advice fellow blades.

    My budget is $2k-$3k and from what i was looking around for, i think im looking to get a 97-04ish Pontiac Grand Prix GTP. Im looking for a FWD Coupe, and the GTP looks meannnn. Shits got 240hp also, cant go wrong with it for my budget. Im looking for a black coupe, planning on doing some cosmetic work with it but thats for later. The problem is craigslist is full of bullshit and no lots that my dad is tight with carry cars for 2 grand. I know yall are good with these resources and shit, any help finding a black coupe pontiac grand prix gtp for $2k-$3k in the area of Long Island?

    Also what are your thoughts about this car and can you recommend anything better for the price?

    Anyways, planning on black rims, tinted windows, white pontiac logo, maybe lower it. Not gunna fuck too much with mods, im more of a looks kinda guy :p

  2. Unless it's a POS, you're not going to find any 97-04 GTP for that price. sorry.
  3. This. No way in hell will you get your hands on a GTP even in fair condition for under $3K. I'm having a hard time even finding SE models that cost less. You're gonna have to either set your bar lower or get a bigger budget.
  4. ive found a 97 black coupe GTP in almost perfect condition for $2500 on LI. The only problem was that it was on the complete other side of LI. Ive found plenty of SE's near me for 2k in good condition but im not looking for an SE. My dad owned some used car lots all over queens so i trust him when he says i can find a GTP for that price also.

    I might of pushed it with the 04, but ive seen plenty of 97s not on LI that check out for ~2k.
  5. and there's a good chance that it's going to give you more trouble than what it's worth.

    i'll guarantee you that almost any GTP you find has been driven hard and/or a lot of miles on it. i mean, do you expect people who own a supercharged car to press on the gas at the same rate as someone who owns a taurus or a camry? probably not.

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