Lexi Belle, wtf

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by phantomxrider, May 8, 2011.

  1. So my local porn store (yes...we have one of those) had the one and only Lexi Belle come in today to do autographs and pictures. So she being one of my original pr0n stars, I stopped in to see what's what.

    Well, we'll just say she looks better on the Internet.
    And her right boob jiggles more than her left for some reason.

    Just thought you guys would like to know.
  2. Porn actors/actresses sign autographs and do pictures? Whoa, never knew that. Neat.

    She's from Louisiana. Is hot as fuck in pictures. Sounds good to me. Will keep in mind to avoid hot-on-the-net porn stars in person from now on. Nothing is ever as good as it seems.
  3. Damn dude nice, get anything signed hahaha?

    I live in florida, 15 minutes from Miami where the beautiful Abella Anderson resides... If she comes to a porn shop to sign things Jesus Christmas.
  4. just wondering did you say jiggle your tits and she did it? haha
  5. Raven Riley is not as hot. I lived next to her for 2 years
  6. Tappity tap tap? Or atleast a grab??
  7. theres something about lexie belle:yummy:

    your attempts to undermine her are not working op lol

  8. Did you get any?
  9. Nope

    Didn't know who it was until a few months after I moved out and it all clicked

  10. I'm coming to Florida, and when I DO, We're going Camping motherfucker!

  11. lol no, she was doing topless photos for $20 and she had to scoot over when she was topless, and half the store caught on but didn't really say anything....
  12. you shoulda came in as a pool guy or a pizza delivery guy lol, you woulda got laid

  13. Damnnnn...I live an hour from Abella Anderson....I'd love to smash her on South Beach! :devious:

  14. pics or you know..it didnt happen
  15. You can look at her naked any time you want. She's a pornstar.

    Or is that the joke...?
  16. pics that he saw her in person....I know I can see her naked

    as a matter of fact to make sure it was who sounded so familiar I do so before opening the thread :laughing:
  17. Obvious troll is obvious
  18. She's one of my favorite video prostitutes.
  19. I find this thread easy to masturbate to.

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