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  1. I went to my doctor today to talk to him about my depression and anxiety and he gave me a 2 month sample of Lexapro. Have any of you taken this? I took one earlier today but I felt more depressed and tired.
  2. I was on it, but it was only for 2 weeks or so. Its a drug that you have to introduce to your system, so its gonna take you anywhere from 2 weeks to a month to even begin feeling better. I never got to that point but my buddy has been taking it for several years now, and he said it helps him quite a bit.
  3. I used to take them

    one time I popped 4 or 5 and was WACKED OUT like crazy I thought someone was otu to get me did stupdi shit that just wasnt me

    but besides that I was on one in the morning for 2 years there ok weed helps me more then it ever did I said fuck it and stopped taking them
  4. i have a friend who used to be on it. she'd trip out for no reason and just start having panic attacks and would get high and start to seizure. she's off it and is a better person.
  5. I took them on a trial period when my doctor and I were trying to find an anti-depressant that worked for me. Like you said, they made me tired. I didn't get much done that week.
  6. ADP's ARE FUCKING BAD FOR YOU. Anyone. Depressed people, insane people, sane people, they are just fucking bad...
  7. i'm on lexapro and it helps me alot with my depression and anxiety
  8. How long do I have to take it before it kicks in? Ive been incredibly depressed the last few months. Xanax has worked wonders for me, this stuf makes me feel like shit
  9. Talk to your doctor about feeling more depressed!! Some anti depressants actually cause a reverse effect for some people...which means your depression can get worse from the medicine. This can usually be remedied by simply taking a different kind of anti-depressant, so talk to your doctor asap!
  10. I only got them today. It says they take about a week to start working
  11. You need to realize Lexapro is an SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) and take TIME to build up in your system... they aren't like drugs such as xanax or valium that you almost immediately feel the effects... they dont get you "high" or make you feel better because of euphoria or that sort.

    Lexapro has done a great deal of help for me, and it took a week to actually take effect, but that was after being on 2 other SSRIs so I already had it in my system... you can expect about a month's wait... it sucks, but worth it.

    Too many people don't understand that they need to wait, and they look for some sort of high that makes them feel better... Lexapro doesn't do this.

    Also, it is EXTREMELY important to keep a schedule! Take it at a certain time every day... this is the most important part. Don't expect them to take effect in a week... 2 weeks at the earliest. Also, with all SSRIs you can become more depressed and suicidal before they really take effect... if this happens, DON'T stop taking it, and DON'T make any crazy decisions... just let it do its job.

    I have to go to the doc to get my dosage upped... because a lot of times you can become depressed again and need more.

    Personally I started to feel side effects... headaches, nausea (extreme nausea... a lot), and a lot of yawning and tiredness lately, so Iv been continuing to take it (as recommended) until I see the doc, and Im prolly gonna ask for something different. SSRIs have causes me a lot of trouble, but a lot of relief... but its time I find something that works better, so I'm goin into a diff. class of ADs.

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