Letting Go

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  1. Is letting go entirely, including the appreciation and love for the energy that maintains and changes what is -in other words the essence of existance- and the thinking that comes with a left hemisphere, the metaphorically way of reaching the present moment and writing run-on sentences about what THIS is?
  2. Pretty much, although I'm not sure you can stop feeling the energy of what is.

    Letting go of the left hemisphere's dominance sounds right. There's no thinking in the present, so the rational mind cannot be there.
  3. They took the right side physically out of my head....
    Yet the train my thoughts tend to ride upon....
    Still loads at that station....

    Letting go...... so many things we hold onto....
    Where does one even begin...
    By letting go of fear...
    By releasing all the bits of self induced suffering we cling to....
    Those bits we could live without...leave them behind

    Yet don't leave the lessons they taught you behind as well

    Can we ever really let it all go?
    In certain states/moments yes
    In every moment...no
  4. Beautifully poetic.
  5. In my case, it's the right hemispheres dominance that needs to be balanced :smoke:
  6. Just like with someone who loses their sight and finds the brain compensating by enhancing/improving their hearing, the part of your brain they left you with took over to recreate what had been removed, only in doing so, it created the real dingus, which may never have existed without it.

  7. Ither that.....or i am still tied to a table somewhere and all this is just another vision in a rather hallucinary life;):smoke:

  8. Are you calling me a figment? :smoke: ;)

  9. Only if it offends you:eek:

    You are all my imaginary friends!!

    As far as i can tell.......
  10. What is imaginary and what is real when it comes to perceiving? Isn't everything always going on within?

    The idea we carry that there are others, and the idea that some of these others are friends, is based on how we see them, how we feel about them, how they affect us.

    The idea that people are who we think they are is never real, but the experience we have of them can be.

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