Letting a co-worker down easy?

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  1. Alright.. So this person is obviously a co-worker. She has seniority over me and is basically in constant contact with every other person who has seniority over me and they are all women. Furthermore, these are the types that just absolutely love to gossip and be in other peoples business.

    The woman in particular seems to be vindictive and controlling. Unfortunately, the job also calls for my seniors to be very manipulative and so you can see why i want no parts of this woman.

    Considering my career and the time i have already put into this place, this situation is a fucking land mine. If this ends up turning out poorly, it may effect my ability to be promoted and that is a major problem for myself.

    I only make this thread because yesterday, this shit went to another level. Some people i was riding in the elevator with were like "You know, that **** really likes you, everyone can tell." We were sitting in a course yesterday and out of the corner of my eye, i caught her starring at me in a day dream like state for sometimes up to half a minute at a time, more than a couple times. She is beginning to make "Loud" actions in an attempt for me to make the first move or maybe ask to hang out or whatever, both of which i have no desire to do. Then, MY BOSS texted me and told me that she was asking about me.. We share a joking relationship and so she was just kind of bugging me like that.

    Anyways, as i said, this needs to be resolved as much in her favor as possible. I can already tell she is the type of chick to just throw the pussy at a guy and i cannot lie, she is good looking but as i said, i value my career over this person and am just not interested. Going out to dinner with her is not an option and, to be honest, the building hosts close to 200 people and there are me and 3 other dudes, the rest are woman, this is not the place for a guy to be unprofessional like that, i do not even wanna open the door to that situation. Hopefully somebody has got some advice for me or something because i am usually good with this shit, but at work is a first for me in a way like this where it could mean a bad reputation for me.
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  2. Definitively dont avoid it. as long as she sees the effort you put into explining your bond the more likly she wont be shocked.not sure of specific process. i have similar issue
  3. Could you politely say that you're sorry but you're seeing someone else?

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    I've been in a couple offices like that. Corporate America is full of them, as that really is the turf of the gossip chick squads. My biggest advice would be to get the hell out of there when you can since those hens tend to create new drama over, and over, and over, and over....

    For the time being, while you're still there and IF you're looking to not stir waves, I'd simply come up with a fictional girlfriend on the side or say you are "getting serious" with someone. This doesn't only shield you from the current hag, but allows you to use the same shield against future hags in the company.

    Good luck in that office tho...
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  5. I just talked with my boss about it, shes gonna cover for me. Thanks for the advice, hopefully this will be the end.
  6. As others have said, invent a girlfriend. I've been in a few workplace relationships and they've always blown up in my face. Really, the best advice is what my grandfather told me about his army days; "don't shit where you eat."
  7. Man I've fucked so many co-workers and bosses, it ain't no thang baby. Get in there and work that ass, she'll give you a raise if you hit it right.

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