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Letter to my mom

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by TheLonerStoner, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. Dear Mom,

    \tBelow I would like to outline the health issues I'm plighted with and their general negative effect on my life. I also would like to note the severity of these plights and how someone living in this day and age should not have to suffer this way for so long. I'm going to discuss the neglect from the healthcare system I've come to face, but I would also like to tell you about a solution I have found. I am going to provide you with viable and legitimate facts to support my reasoning why this would be a good solution for me. I am going to describe the experiences I've already had with this solution. I want to note its effectiveness in other close family members and wide spread use throughout the family. I want to suggest this fact be a good reason to implement my solution. I would like to explain the local community support that could be utilized. I would also like to explain some of the possible negative aspects of this solution. I am going to summarize the process to implement the solution and provide a general plan that I believe we could easily follow. Finally, I am going to beg your support of the solution.
    \tHere is a brief list of the medical conditions I currently have and am or should be diagnosed with: chronic severe insomnia, which results in severe acute depression, severe anxiety, chronic IBS, chronic severe back pain, chronic severe acne, and chronic severe seborrhea dermatitis and psoriasis. Things that bother me, but I don't usually mention are minor headaches that seem to stick around for a long time, random aches and pains ranging from the mild to the severe, nausea almost all the time, and heartburn in the night. Things I may have, am worried about having, or most likely have, but have yet to be diagnosed are Crohn's Disease, tennis elbow/carpel tunnel, Attention Deficit Disorder, Fibromyalgia (Dad and G### both have it and I already exhibit some symptoms, but really hope I'm not developing it, probably am not), a mood disorder, and diabetes (common in family, but I probably don't have them).
    \tI tend to lack very much motivation. It seems either I have very little or none at all. It takes a lot of effort for people to convince me to come out of my bedroom let alone go somewhere and get out of the house. I can't sleep, sleep enough, or end up sleeping too much, and rarely sleep normal hours, so I constantly feel groggy or like I'm sleep walking almost. I have no apparent circadian rhythm and my day/night rotate erratically. I'm depressed and the little things such as talking about my dad being in the hospital even though I know he's getting better overly affect me. I'm very easily overwhelmed, part of why I hide in my room all the time. I can't really stand to be around anyone, especially when they ask me a bunch of question, etc. It gets to feeling like an interrogation, so I have to leave. I have lost interest in school and participating in extracurriculars. My grades and overall performance has bottomed out to the point where if this trend continues I will not graduate on time. My social life at school was basically destroyed at the end of the school year when I stopped going. I don't even post on facebook except for one a week or two. I just never feel good and can't stand it. I can't stand living this way and just really don't want to anymore.
    \tDespite my efforts to seek help, however weak and helpless they are it seems I'm being completely ignored. M### has told me as well as a few other people that it's ridiculous to have to live this way and that I don't need to. M### has said that my condition is definitely, obviously severe and that I'm in 'crisis'. I should be considered a priority, but apparently, the healthcare professionals we have solicited don't feel the same. I have never seen anyone else in the predicament I am in and don't see it necessary for anyone to be going through what I am going through for so long in this day and age. Do you? M### initially suggested that I go to N#### at T###, but she has offered worse help than the #### County Mental Health place. N#### suggested we could go to my current doctor for sleep aids, but we've switched the insurance and doctors so much recently I don't even know who my current doctor is. Regardless of all this, something should've been done by now and I'm sick of waiting. I'm sick of relying on these healthcare 'professionals' holding my future in their hands and neglecting it. Therefore, it's time to talk to you about something I've found that does help.
    \tIt, as far as I've experienced, cures everything I have. It's motivating, relieves my anxiety, lets me sleep easily, brings back my circadian rhythm, gets rid of the overwhelmed feeling, my back pain goes away, my nausea goes away, my other aches go away, my IBS/Crohn's symptoms go away, I like being around people again, I get along with people, my attitude is better, I can focus, I'm able to get things done, I'm no longer depressed, my eating is better, I feel alert rather than groggy, I don't have heartburn at night, and it basically fixes everything else that comes as a result of all of my health issues, but above all I feel that it makes me normal. Not normal as in how I was before my conditions got more severe, but beyond that, like a normal person without any conditions to begin with.
    \tUnfortunately, this solution is extremely taboo, but I think, and am hoping, you will be open minded about it; medical marijuana. I know what you must be thinking, "Well what do you mean your past experiences?" and don't worry; I did plenty of research before responsibly trying it and now I want to show you a mere glimpse of that research here.

    The facts:
    \tMarijuana is both an antioxidant and neuroprotectant.
    \tThe United States government currently holds the patent for medicinal marijuana.
    \tMarijuana has many safe and effective therapeutic applications.
    \tOur body naturally has an entire regulatory system dedicated just to cannabinoids.
    \tMarijuana smoke does not cause COPD, emphysema, chronic severe bronchitis, or lung cancer.
    \tMarijuana smoke does not increase your risk of COPD, emphysema, chronic severe bronchitis, or lung cancer.
    \tIt is physically impossible to overdose on marijuana.
    \tThe Gateway drug theory is a disproven myth.
    \tMarijuana may be a safe and effective treatment for gastrointestinal disorders.
    \tMarijuana may be a safe and effective treatment/preventer of diabetes.
    \tMarijuana is a safe and effective treatment for chronic severe pain.
    \tMarijuana is a safe and effective treatment for insomnia.
    \tMarijuana may be a safe and effective treatment for ADD
    \tMarijuana is not physically addictive.

    \t Something I've found fascinating is that despite being indoctrinated into believing this through elementary and middle school, marijuana does not kill brain cells. In fact, the United States of America as represented by the Department of Human Services is assigned a patent for marijuana stating that it has been found to protect brain cells from natural and unnatural oxidation or deterioration.

    \tIf you look at the patent documents themselves, they are packed full of scientific information supporting this fact enough to not only get the patent approved/granted, but also to get the Department of Human Services to not only endorse, but sign the patent as well. I find it odd and ridiculous that marijuana is so taboo that 'they' disregard such information.
    \tProtecting brain cells isn't the only therapeutic aspect marijuana has been attributed either. Some think that since our brains have a whole endocannabinoid regulatory system that they are essential to our bodies' natural life cycles. According to NORML (The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), there are 17,000 published papers of scientific literature analyzing marijuana and its constituents.
    \tAs far as marijuana causing lung cancer, COPD, bronchitis and emphysema, etc you don't even have to smoke marijuana! It can be eaten or vaporized, both of which have no negative effects on the lungs at all. With smoking though:

    \tHave you ever heard of dying of a cocaine overdose, sure, but how about a marijuana overdose? No, marijuana consumption regardless of quantity or potency will no ever result in a lethal overdose. It's is physically impossible to do so. Marijuana has a relative toxicity hundreds of times lower than caffeine. This means that unlike the Percocet I was taking, even if I were to abuse medical marijuana, there are virtually no risks. One source from Wikipedia estimates one would have to smoke over 15,000 pounds of high-grade marijuana in less than 15 minutes, which is physically impossible, let alone budget-ly impossible!
    \tThat being said, you also don't have to worry about me being lead to cocaine or any other hard drugs. As a medical marijuana patient I will have the option to acquire marijuana from illegal vendors legally, however, I really don't think I will need to, which I will explain later. Regardless, the gateway drug theory has been discredited. Fact is that people will use hard drugs if they seek them and usually use marijuana first because it is more available. I will never seek hard drugs because of what I have learned of their effects both educationally and through life experiences with your and dad's problems in the past.

    \tMost cocaine or other hard drug users have used marijuana before, but more than most marijuana users have not used cocaine or other hard drugs, so it is inaccurate to say marijuana leads to cocaine or other hard drugs.

    \tThere is a plethora of other studies that support these claims stating marijuana is and could be more beneficial to people with Irritable Bowel Diseases. I can assert my own personal testimony that my symptoms aren't only relieved, but are completely eradicated.


    \tI'm sure I could benefit from something reducing my risk of diabetes and it looks like marijuana may do just that. As I said above, marijuana also tends to help me eat better. I know there's the stigma that the 'munchies' cause weight gain and it is a fact that marijuana can help you eat if you have severe nausea, but I don't really get the munchies. Quite the opposite actually, if food is around I tend to not want to eat it.
    \tMarijuana has also been deemed an effective and safe treatment for chronic severe pain. Under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP), there are only certain conditions you must be diagnosed with that qualify for medical marijuana. Chronic severe pain would be mine. Marijuana can work in conjunction with Tylenol, Motrin, etc to relieve pain and can reduce the dosages you are currently taking, so yay for my liver!

    \tAs far as neuropathic pain, for example the sciatica I experience, marijuana may be one of the best treatments for it, more safe and effective than other currently used drugs. Neuropathic pain is often unresponsive or very little responsive to opiates, which is why I think had to take such a high dose of Percocet and Vicodin didn't even work.

    \tTherefore, this also applies to the carpel tunnel/tennis elbow that's been bothering me. I can personally testify that all of my pain goes away with marijuana; NSAIDS do nothing compared to it. There are many studies advocating marijuana's use in the treatment of chronic pain.


    \tTherefore, marijuana's effectiveness may vary greatly by the individual, but as I have mentioned, it is extremely effective on me. If there is any 'wonder drug' or cure-all out there, this seems to qualify.

    \tTherefore, even though some people aren't responsive to its pain relief effects, most are and their quality of life is greatly improved, which is absolutely the case with me. It also not only greatly relives my insomnia, but also seems to cure it while not posing any of the risks of a conventional sleep aid and this is not to mention all of the rest of its benefits.

    \tSuch risks of a conventional sleep aid would include developing a tolerance to the drug, this also applies to any or most pain medications, but research shows this doesn't seem to be the case with marijuana.


    \tMarijuana isn't necessarily a depressant to the central nervous system, though. It also has distinct stimulative effects. This makes me think that instead of inducing sleepiness like conventional sleep aids/sedatives, it rather repairs or stabilizes the body's natural ability to sleep and wake up, which will be more beneficial over time than any sleep aid they may give me!

    \tAmitriptyline is not necessarily approved by the FDA as a treatment for insomnia, but it is sometimes used as one. It's actually a competent anti-depressant comparable in effectiveness to most other popular SSRIs.
    \tNow, I am not officially diagnosed with ADD, I only may possibly have it and you think I do, so I thought I should include this. Marijuana greatly improves my ability to focus as well as my productivity. Times of my good performance at school, after my severe insomnia developed, directly correlate with times I was using marijuana. Such affects on users with ADD is well documented in research as well.

    \tDextrostat (dextroamphetamine), is the same medication you've found to help your ADD. The text above is from a study where Dextrostat wasn't completely alleviating patients' ADD and they found that marijuana was able to relive, effectively, those left over symptoms. In my case, if I do have ADD, I don't think I would also need another medication like Dexedrine because marijuana seems relieves, completely, any symptoms I have.
    \tMarijuana is also not physically addictive unlike what common belief dictates. I have read that it's described as being no more and a little less addictive than coffee; considering what we've seen of ###'s struggle with coffee though, it's not saying much.

    The following offers the a comparison of marijuana to other drugs as far as potential for addiction/dependence/etc by two different research institutions.

    \tI hope that I have now provided an adequate amount of factual information to support my personal testimonies with scientific evidence and proof. However, for good measure I am also going to append a list of links if they prove too bulky (I have gone through over 200 websites to get to this point), I may create a database electronically for you.
    \tI have mentioned above that my good performance at school directly correlated with marijuana use and this is very accurate. Most of the reason I was unable to keep this up resulting in my grades falling was not only because of my back injury, but also because of the cost. In the past, you would give me about $5 per day for dinner after school, well you probably also noticed I would come home and eat dinner most of the time anyway. Instead of buying lunch, I would save most of the money for marijuana because it really helped me. However, you guys stopped giving me money for dinner after a while or would bring me dinner instead, so in the end I wasn't able to maintain this and had to stop using altogether. Confirming my previous research, cited by the research above, I experienced no dependence, addiction, or withdrawal to marijuana. My frequency of use wasn't ever very high, but if it were truly addictive as they say I would've been. At the most, I would smoke about a bowl once before school, and once when I got home. I probably could've benefitted from more use, but this was more to conserve what little I had than anything else. Needless to say, my experiences with marijuana were all good, amazing in fact. It even did as much as cleared up my allergies, which is something I forgot to add in the above research; marijuana is a bronchodilator, so it has the same effect as a fast acting inhaler when smoked!


    \tAll right, that's enough of the research now let's get back to my experiences. I believe that I've given enough personal testimony throughout, so now I'd just like to summarize some of it is all. Marijuana practically cures my insomnia and restores a regular circadian rhythm in me. With this, not only has the depression and anxiety lost their foundation, but marijuana also relieves any/all left over symptoms of and from them. My IBD, whether it be just IBS or Crohn's disease is relieved including all of the nausea. It eradicates all my pain including my back pain, carpel tunnel/elbow pain, and all of the random aches and pains I have. It helps me focus and greatly improves my productivity. It has a direct correlation with good performance I've had at school. It makes my allergies go away, helps my eating patterns, and probably does some other amazing things I am forgetting to mention or haven't even noticed yet.
    \tI am not currently using marijuana. I stopped when school ended because I wanted to try to get a job, but I haven't gotten any replies anyway. Recent impacts on my life, namely my dad having kidney failure and being fully sedated in an ICU at a hospital 24/7, a perceived tolerance to Tylenol and Ibuprofen making my back pain seemingly extremely worse/worsening, both of which are making my insomnia dramatically worse as I have been alternating erratically 2 days/nights without sleep in a row now, all of which is making my depression much worse, and on top off all of this, the healthcare system we're plagued with, which is supposed to be the fastest in the entire world has had me waiting too many months for results. So, I'm forced to present you with this now, when I was going to just wait, in the hopes that I would be able to find some relief before then. All in all this has been an extremely effective solution for me; one that I think should be implemented not only for my own sake, but also for all of the rest of the family's sanity.
    \tSpeaking of family, I am not the only one to have found marijuana extremely effective for a variety of health issues. I know G#### has in the past used marijuana for insomnia, but I'm not for sure if she still does. My dad and A### are both OMMP cardholders. A### was telling me one day about the different things, it helps for her and I was amazed that she also has some of the same health issues I do and has experienced the same amazing relief. That is really what spurred me, well threw me over the edge, to write this, was her support. I told her how I was thinking about getting a card, but was afraid to bring it up with you, etc. She told me I just should and would probably be surprised at your acceptance. I really hope and pray that's true. As you know, there are also others throughout the family who use marijuana regardless of their legality.
    \tThe widespread use throughout the family isn't only something to support my claims that it is such an amazing 'cure-all' so to speak, but they could also become my support group, so to speak. Someone when faced with the task of acquiring medical marijuana may become worried about having to get it off the streets. Well, I would theoretically be able to go through whomever A###'s going through, which I hope isn't J###, because I know you don't like him, but that's who I'm sure my dad goes through. Regardless I'm sure J### would be willing to help and I'm at least ok with him. Even if there were no way to go through A### or J###, first of all it's not as if the school isn't saturated with it anyway. It seems like a majority of the school population must smoke just about. Although it risks their getting in trouble, I have a few safe friends that I'm sure would be willing to supply me (this would have to be after school as it is illegal, even with an OMMP card to possess on school property). Lastly, I've been able to find an online community called Oregon Green Free that I've asked a few questions about the OMMP, etc. Well, it's an online forum and I guess they have a private area of the forum for verified cardholders where you can coordinate with people to get a supplier, etc. They told me that for low-income patients, you could probably find someone willing to supply you for free even, or just a small fee for growing costs. I feel this may be the riskiest way to go about it as they're strangers, but the site security is very well done, so they are definitely all OMMP cardholders. Oregon Green Free just opened up a new clinic in Portland. This is where I think we should go to get the doctor's recommendation.
    \tAppended are all of the forms as well as the information the state provides online concerning the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. I will need a current government issued photo ID, so I will have to get that all straightened out. Otherwise, it's a relatively simple process beginning with qualifying. Patients must have a qualifying debilitating medical condition, one of the following:
    \tMalignant Neoplasm (Cancer)
    \tPositive status for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
    \tAgitation due to Alzheimer's Disease
    \tA medical condition or treatment for a medical condition that produces for a specific patient one or more of the following:
    \t\tSevere pain
    \t\tSevere nausea
    \t\tSeizures, including, but not limited to seizures caused by epilepsy
    \t\tPersistent muscle spasms, including, but not limited to spasms cause by multiple sclerosis
    \tI have severe pain from my back injury, which would be my main qualifying condition. Now, you have to be diagnosed with the condition showing that it's chronic, which means you have gone to the doctor at least twice for the condition at least 90 days apart, which I believe I have for the back pain, but the IBS is definitely documented as being chronic regardless of the back thing.
    \tYou then must contact a medical marijuana clinic, where you can either just schedule an appointment if you have your medical records in hand or you give them release information so they can request your records. I've called and asked Oregon Green Free's clinic about how long it takes to go through their process. The person I talked to said the doctor has 30 days to release the records, but she says they've gotten them as soon as the next day before. Once they get them, they apparently do intakes on Monday so the next Monday we would be able to get an appointment. The doctor at the clinic reviews the records and if everything is there, signs the Attending Doctor's Recommendation form.
    \tI also plan to put you on the paperwork as my primary caregiver. This allows you to legally possess and transport marijuana yourself on my behalf.
    \tOnce all of the paperwork is taken care of, all that must be done is to take it down to the DHS office to have it copied and stamped. Once they stamp everything, the paperwork serves as a temporary card until the official one arrives in the mail, so from that point on I am able legally to possess and consume medical marijuana. From that point on you are also legal to possess on my behalf as well as any grower designated on the paperwork.
    \tYou will be named my primary caregiver, which basically you are someone with significant responsibility for the patient's well being, so like a spouse or parent (which you are).

    These are the possession rules:

    \tIt's really not that difficult of a process and from what I understand, it's much timelier than the mental health processes we've been trying to get something done through. Just to summarize, the process, is first having a qualifying condition, then getting a doctor at a medical marijuana clinic to sign the Attending Physician's form, I've found Oregon Green Free's Clinic for that, then completing our part of the paperwork, appending copies of ID, etc, and then lastly going down to get the DHS to stamp the paperwork.
    \tAs far as the risks involved, they are actually very low and there are few, but they range from minor to quite severe, if they incur. There are currently over 30,000 medical marijuana patients in Oregon alone and between a quarter to a half million in the West (Oregon, California, and Washington), so the risks tend to outweigh the benefits, which I think applies to my case as well. Overall, I believe medical marijuana's benefits to definitely be worth any of the risks and more.
    \tAbove I provided you with research supporting the fact that marijuana does not cause or increase someone's risk for respiratory disease. This is completely true; however, marijuana is not completely harmless. If you smoke marijuana, you are inhaling a certain amount of combusted plant material, which is never good for someone's lung health. Since marijuana is commonly smoked without a filter, smoking a marijuana cigarette, or joint, can deposit up to 4 times as much tar as a filtered tobacco cigarette of the same weight. With this, it is important to note that tobacco smokers will smoke more than 4 times as much filtered cigarettes of tobacco per day than marijuana smokers of the same magnitude would smoke unfiltered joints per day, more along the lines of five to ten times as much. Smoking marijuana may also cause temporary inflammation of the throat, although this has no long lasting effects. Marijuana also causes some short-term memory loss. This, as with the throat irritation is also only temporary and has no long lasting effects. As I've mentioned though, there are other ways to consume marijuana besides smoking that have virtually no adverse effects, although nothing is harmless...even water. Marijuana may also trigger psychosis earlier in individuals who already have an extreme predisposition to the condition. However, marijuana has also been deemed to improve cognitive ability in patients with schizophrenia, so it may just be that patients with a high predisposition are drawn to marijuana and are really jut self-medicating the onset of symptoms. I really don't think I'm going crazy though, so don't worry. This is all I've really been able to dig up against marijuana that hasn't been disproved and labeled a myth or negative propaganda by modern medical science. Since, this has gotten excessively long to begin with, and I think you could believe I wouldn't make up things wrong with marijuana; I'm just going to append the links to information for all of this rather than quoting everything.
    \tMarijuana is also illegal; prohibited by federal law as a schedule I controlled substance under the Controlled Substances Act. Oregon is the first state to reclassify marijuana and it is currently a schedule II controlled substance here. However, federal law still prohibits the substance. This of course means we would still technically be committing felonies on a daily basis, but the Obama Administration through the United States Attorney General has advised that medical marijuana patients, growers, and dispensaries not be prosecuted against if they are following their state's medical marijuana laws. Therefore, there is some protection for medical marijuana patients at the federal level. Regardless, because marijuana is not FDA approved and is a schedule I controlled substance; doctors aren't allowed to prescribe it. Therefore, they can't directly supervise a patient's use of the medicine. Therefore, medical marijuana patients are not covered under the American's with Disabilities Act, meaning I can be discriminated against for my marijuana use. Therefore, a job can fire me for failing a mandatory drug test even though I have an OMMP card. This is a risk I'm willing to take though, just to be able to get up and go to work at all. In order to get a job in the future, I will just have to stop using a month before applying anywhere and once I get hired somewhere I'll have to read their policies and be careful, etc.
    \tAs far as going about all of this and living at grandma and grandpa's, I believe it may be smart just to keep it a secret. It wouldn't be that difficult, I've already done a good job thus far, unless just nobody's said anything. I really have no idea how they would react, so unless you feel otherwise...
    \tCost-wise, marijuana on the street regularly costs about $40/eighth oz. or ~7 grams, but as I said, we would also have options to seek out it out for free. $20 per week street cost would definitely be a maximum for my usage and that's on an absolutely horrible week. On average, I would guess more along the lines of $10 per week and I'm sure we're probably going through that in Tylenol and Motrin right now....maybe. Regardless I don't think you can really put a price on what it does for me and how much I need a solution. As far as fees for the card, it's $100 for the clinic visit. Insurance won't pay for that, I'm guessing because they probably don't take OHP, but it's not too much. The fee to the state is only $20 because we're low income. So, all of this is only $120 to begin with then about $10-20 at the most per week after that..
    \tThe reason I've come to beg your support is because it's been an unbearable so far and I can stand it no longer. I want to finally feel better, I'm sick of waiting. All I need is your support and the wait can be over, I will finally be able to feel good again. Not at the cost of other medication with side effects worse and more dangerous than the malady either. I given you so much information to support what I'm asking for here, I really hope it's enough. I apologize for this all being so long, but it just goes to show what an in depth decision this all has been. I'm not just some hoodlum trying to make his daily fix legal or something, it really, truly helps me. I'm sure A### would be willing to talk about this, I am going to append links, and phone numbers to more information. You can ask me questions about it, I'm sure I could find an answer. There's the online forum through Oregon Green Free that I mentioned that you could go on to ask questions to current verified OMMP cardholders, I could show you how it works and everything. I would like to end simply with a desperate plea for your support in this solution; my well being directly depends on it.
    Your Loving Son, Respectfully, Sincerely,
    This definitely leaves out a lot of pretty formatting, so I apologize for that and please understand it looks a lot nicer than this with pretty pictures attached and everything. I edited some info for mine and other's protection. I would appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, revisions, etc. :D

    I'm just trying to seek her approval since I still live with her, do you think this will be enough?
  2. Yeah, but if you live with her, why couldn't you just talk. Or have her talk to a specialist?
  3. holy fuck thats a long read. summary anyone?
  4. Marijuana isn't bad. :hello::hello:
  5. /Thread.
  6. I read the whole thing, and I applaud you. I doubt your mother will, but halfway through she shouldn't be able to disagree. You stated every point validly, but I am going to have to give you a 97%, because you didnt flat out say "I love you mom". Once again, great job :hello:

  7. I haven't the simplest idea of how to bring it up. It's just a lot easier to hand her a nicely written letter. Plus, I'm much more effective at writing than speaking.

  8. Thanks! I guess I could change it to Your very loving son,? ;)
  9. Great informative letter, I hope it hits the mark. That being said there may be a small error in one of your quotes. The section I've placed in bold reads as if smoking MJ (not cigarettes) is the sole cause of declining lung function.

    Habitual marijuana smokers do not experience a greater annual rate of decline in lung function than nonsmokers...The results of the eight-year [UCLA] study...

    "Findings from the present long-term, follow-up study of heavy, habitual marijuana smokers argue against the concept that continuing heavy use of marijuana is a significant risk factor for the development of [chronic lung disease]," ... "Neither the continuing nor the intermittent marijuana smokers exhibited any significantly different rates of decline in [lung function]" as compared with those individuals who never smoked marijuana... "No differences were noted between even quite heavy marijuana smoking and nonsmoking of marijuana."

    According to the report, individuals who smoked both [marijuana and cigarettes] did not suffer any faster rate of decline in lung function than individuals who smoked marijuana alone.

    The results of this latest long-term study on marijuana and health echo findings reached by an Australian group of researchers at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre just one month ago. That study, which involved interviews with 268 marijuana smokers and 31 non-using partners and family members, concluded that the health of long-term marijuana users is virtually no different from that of the general population.

    Researchers from both studies cautioned that their results do not imply that regular marijuana smoking is free of all potentially harmful pulmonary effects. Both groups stated that regular marijuana smokers were more likely to suffer mild respiratory problems such as wheezing and bronchitis than nonsmokers.
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    It is a quote, so there's not much I can do to fix the wording, but I'm sure my mom will understand. Great catch btw!
  11. Alright, so I worked on it all night and made it look all pretty and put together several appendixes, one of which is Granny Storm Crow's MMJ Reference List :D. I'm finally pretty confident in what I've put together and am going to present it to her today. Any suggestions on how I should do that? I was kinda thinking I was just going to walk up, hand it to her, and walk away :bolt: go hide in my bedroom. haha :confused_2:
  12. don't smoke it tho. i think if you are going to legitimately be a medical user, you should do it in the way that is the best for your. hypso facto, you should buy a vaporizer :)

    also, if you are 18, why do you need permission to medicate?
  13. It's called R-E-S-P-E-C-T a mi madre. Yeah, I believe I will get a vaporizer if I can find one cheap sometime.
  14. u put a lot of time and effort into this and u def know what ur talking about
    give her the letter first but also talk to her
    if she says no then just smoke illegaly or get the MMJ card on your own if she says no tho with all due respect shes pretty stubborn considering all the facts and studies u cited
    good luck
  15. I read the whole thing, and I was thoroughly impressed. I walked away with the impression you spent a significant amount of time researching marijuana and understanding its function as a medicine before use.

    I think the letter is a good way to present these facts to your mom; it allows her to process the information at her own speed as she reads it, rather than having you just talking and talking.

    You used plenty of research; if she doesn't support it after this, don't think it was something you left out. It may be a personal feeling she has to get over (I have a sister who is this way; she understands the scientific research supports my medical marijuana stance, but her personal feelings about it as a 'drug' are something she cannot shake)

    I thought your letter was thorough and clearly presented. I wish you the best of luck! Uupdate when you have given this to your mom!

  16. :wave:By paragraph, roughly:
    >Standard opening paragraph for a persuasive piece
    >Summary of my current medical conditions
    >Summary of mental state and the effects the medical conditions have on me
    >About me being neglected by the healthcare system
    >Brief mentioning of all of the amazing things 'the solution' does for me, then first mentioning of the solution I've been talking about being medical marijuana
    >List of marijuana related facts
    >The next huge chunk goes through validating each of those facts with quotes from medical studies etc.
    >Then I talk about how it directly correlates with my good performance in school and my past experiences with marijuana including how I would buy it.
    >I also explain how I was able to quit without any problems confirming that it isn't very addictive
    >I then say I am not currently using marijuana and recent traumatic events in my life have compelled me to re-seek mmj and her support.
    >I then briefly describe the widespread use of marijuana in the family, including MMJ use.
    >I explain how I could get the MMJ safely
    >I explain the steps to getting a card, etc.
    >How I would name her the primary caregiver and how that makes her legal to possess as well
    >I then explain the negative aspects of marijuana
    >I explain the cost, to validate that I'm not going to sink all of my money into it.
    >I then close by explaining why I'm coming to her for support and explain the resources available to her for more information.

    I'm going to present it to her today. :eek:
  17. let us know how that goes
  18. Dude, she's your mother. Just go talk to her.

    If prohibition has taught us anything it's that no amount of truth or facts will change the mind of those who do not want to change their belief. It would be much better for you to just have a man to man with her.

  19. I'm still going to talk to her, this is just the opener kind of.

    I gave it to her yesterday, but I have chronics insomnia, so I ended up binge sleeping right after, so now I just have to wait till morning for her reaction and I'll let you all know what that is. :eek:
  20. soooo i gotta know how did it go!:eek:

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