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Discussion in 'General' started by POTSTYLZ, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. So my ex wife and I got into a tremendous fight yesterday. She keeps telling me she has cancer (I dont really believe her, and neither does anyone else, everyone just thinks she is trying to get me back), and thats starting to play on my patience. Anyway She made the insinuation that im a bad father, for not wanting to be with her anymore, and that just killed me. I have never been so mad in my whole life. So I wrote her a an email which looking back on it was robably I little harsh, but I think she deserved it based on the way she dogged me. so here is what was said

    I detest ever telling you that I loved you, I hate that I ever meant it. Just thinking of all the times I kissed your lips brings bile to my mouth. You are pure evil, and I curse the day I ever put a ring on your finger. I detest everything about you, your a liar, and I hate you. I hate you to my very core. As long as there is breath in my body I will never forgive you for all the pain, and self loathing you caused me. It takes a very cold individual to do what you did. What makes me the maddest is when you told me of the supposed "cancer" you have, I actually felt bad for you. I want nothing to do with you. Im tired of being the good man, and having love in my heart for you. I once said to you I dont like to hate people, it wasnt worth the lost energy. Guess what this hate, is completely worth it. Im done trying to be your knight in shining armor, Im with someone else now, I have moved on why cant you. Your the one who threw our marriage out the window, not me. So dont even try putting the blame on me. I dont want you calling me, I dont want you showing up at the house, I dont even want to hear your name.

    Do you guys think this is to harsh (not much I can do about it now, already sent it to her)? I dont like being mad at people, but she really really pissed me off. I hate liars and cheaters
  2. Damn, that is harsh! But I'm guessing she deserved it because that is one angry hate filled letter. She must've fucked you over pretty damn good.
  3. It's not too bad, but it sounds like she deserved it if you ask me.
  4. An E-mail can't be too harsh, it sounds like you were doing some venting, which is better than boiling over for sure.

    I have an ex that I wrote a couple of harsh words to also, they'll get over it. Divorce is a great place to lose your mind, don't let it get to you.

    Focus on the love you still have for the kid, your new lady, anything positive, just don't let the shit drag you down, man. Better times ahead. Peace.
  5. ^^^^ This guy knows what he is talking about, so take heed.

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