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  1. lol i thought i was the only one
  2. You didn't fix it you broke it, I was trying to be kinky, what kind of kinky sex do you yell out


    ? Kthxbai.
  3. well as you can see, no one is having internet sex with you. thus -- the bitches part is unnecessary. unless you are fulfilling both roles, then it's fine.
  4. How do you know I am not? If I was then how would you know I was, because if I was and you were thinking I wasn't then would I or wouldn't I? Because I think I was which inevitably means I was in a view of mental being, which could inconveniently be wrong.

  5. but really...kinky chics, come hop in my hot tub.... have a cocktail.... see where it takes us :cool:
  6. ^^^well..The girls you fuck can worry a LITTLE less about getting knocked up :p

  7. You like getting slapped up and being treated like a "sex starved little cum slut" yet you have a problem with being called a bitch... :rolleyes:
  8. yeah i'll let some guy i don't know call me a bitch on the internet -- :rolleyes:

    you want to think about your sentence again?
  9. people in relationships who like roleplays like that are, erm, IN A RELATIONSHIP

    a horny loser on the internet referring to her as a bitch is kind of demoralising, since they dont KNOW each other
  10. Okay, for real, where have all you horny ass women been my whole life? I find it very difficult to track down women like yourselves, or maybe i'm not looking in the right places. Females in our generation just seem to be more timid or on the B.S. Abstinence Train. I wish more people would just give in to what their brain wants and just get after it with as many people as possible.

    More power to you, ladies :smoking:;)
  11. My bf won't even sleep with me anymore because he says i'm too horny. It makes me mad...then i get madder because all i can think about is how bad I want to do it. I practically crawl to him every night. What kind off guy denies a chick that wants him?
  12. He probably cant get a erection.

    Other then that i dont know :confused:

  13. No, he has them all the time. He's very much a morning wood person...It makes life intereseting sometimes...othertimes i wonder what the heck he could be dreaming about.
  14. God I LOVE sex....and love being dominated. I'm not into being choked but spanking and hair pulling are great! Oh and sex while high makes it even better...have had my biggest orgasms while high.

    Frosting I totally feel your pain. What is wrong with men who don't like sex all the time? I want it everyday 2 to 3 times a day....I totally wear out my man.
  15. The second your hand touches my neck, you can consider it over with.
  16. Leave that dude. If he denies you sex, I'm sure he denies you other areas of your relationship.

    He's probably cheating on you if he wont sleep with you. Think about it.

  17. that really sucks...
  18. Maybe he's just stressed out. Don't pressure him about it. That will push him away. Are there other things going on? There's so many possibilities these days. How's your relationship in a nutshell? Have you come out and asked him? He could just be blaming you because he doesn't want to tell you the real reason. Who knows. And they say were complicated lol
  19. Nowa days, depending on the age of the guy, they can get pretty dramatic...I remember growing up in High School and wondering wtf all these so called 'males' were complaining about half the time. In my opinion as a guy, be straight up with him..."Wtf is the problem?" Make it obvious you wont let it go, but that you genuinely want to hear it and resolve the conflict.
  20. im high

    my dick feels good

    I think i am falling for this really really weird chick, lotta downs to her, but some ups too. The more i talk to her the better i feel about her

    fuck, this aint right

    inm high as fuck


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