Let's Talk About Sex!

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Revolution, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. I love talking about the great great subject of all that is sex! So let's get some conversation going :hello:
  2. Hmm.

    Sex is pretty much the best thing ever. It's one of my biggest addictions.

    Shit i was loud hahahah LAME joke of me

    mmhhmm i like sex
  4. Yeah, sex is ok, it's a biological imperative for most humans.
    I believe there is biological imperative/reasoning for almost all sexual behavior.
    Even things we may consider sexual "perversion" may well have a biological basis.

  5. damn sounds like you know a lot about sex i feel like a litlle kid hahah
  6. i havnt had any sexual contact in 6 months

    7 november 1st

    BUT.... any tips for when i start having sex again how to not look like a total fuckin idoit, im not gunna last 2 minutes :p :p

  7. i got blue balled on saturday night, it was very sad, she had just gotten back from a flogging molly concert i hella wanted to go to and was hella tired and i was sick so we kinda toyed around with the idea but it ended up not happening :( rawr i wanted to end my little dry spell too
  8. sucks :(

    but on a side note

    flogging molly in concert is fucking amazing
    definitley going to next show in MB

    sex is amazing
    been hooked since 15 :D
  9. anybody else like it rough? i just don't like making that "tender" sweet love.
    it kind of bores me. and boring is a no-no.
    the best fuck is a rough, animalistic, no barriers, but if it gets too rough there is always the magic word kind of fuck. feel me? :cool:
  10. Well how rough are you talking? Like grabbing of the hair, slapping of the ass and just general power drilling that ass? Or are we talking leather, chains and whips BDSM kind of rough?

    I can sometimes feel yah on the rough sex... every once in awhile... but having metal clips attatched to my nipples and a switch slapped across my ass isn't exactly my cup of tea.
  11. i think that bdsm would kind of go on the kinky side. i wouldn't like nipple clamps either :( ow --

    but rough as in -- choking, lots of hard ass smacking, biting, noisy, major drilling, etc. :) yeah baby.
  12. uhuh baby, yeaah:devious:
  13. So dirty ape sex? I kind of feel you, although the biting and choking isn't my style. Would be awkward having to look her in the eye the next morning over breakfast knowing that those bruises across her neck, swollen nipples and bite marks on her ass were my doing.
  14. no-no. not awkward. SEXY -- it's hot thinking about it. going to work the next morning knowing that you did that. on purpose too -- cause she liked it.
  15. before i have sex i completely cover my body and my partner's body in saran wrap

    beats the hell out of abstinence
  16. sex is the best in the morning
    its a nice wake up to fuck
    actually, it can be better

    porking while high is the ultimate
    i swear one time my orgasm lasted for 15 minutes

    that was possibly the best 15 minutes of my life
  17. i couldnt agree more :) rougher the better.. i luv a dude who's down to choke a bitch! :hello: and u gotta have code motions and words to make sure there arent any accidents..
    i can RARELy get down w/ that sweet lovey dovey bullshit cuz it is what it is... FUCKIN!
  18. You obviously aint been with someone who can make 'slow', 'soft' sex one of the most intense, ravaging experience of your sexual life ;)

  19. no i havent, there mostly douchebags ... and i dont usually associate love & sex..
  20. Fuck yeah, i'm up for anything

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