Let's Talk About Sex!

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Revolution, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. if a girl ever tried to get all rough with me slappin me around in bed

    I'd give her a look like this


    then I'd get angry


    then I'd suplex the ho


    and power bomb the bitch


    then I'd stick my head out the window to get a "hell yeah BROTHER!!!"

  2. ^^ damn dude

    your story failed.
  3. I like a girl to be aggressive but not in a dom type of way more like: "spank me" or "fuck me" or "pull my hair"
    but I dont like to be degraded or physically hurt it just kills the mood for me I've had some girls try to do some weird shit I just don't like it..
    I do like to be told what to do I just dont like the physical pain or the insulting..
    but I like if a girl was to be aggressive like throw me down and take my clothes off like she was takin sex from me kinda like "you have no choice" that would be fine but if she slaps me one time?!?! I'ma put the ho in a figure four leg lock
  4. ^^^ Whaaaaa?:confused: How is it being aggressive if she's telling you what to do to her? Usually if I'm yelling spank me, fuck me, pull my hair, to a guy .. it's because he's dominating me, and i'm being submissive.

  5. I dropped my laptop on the floor and tweaked my knee after I read that... I'm still trying to retrieve my jaw from the floor.
  6. I love it when my boy toy is dominant. He's too sexy at it. But every now and then I like to be the dominant one. But then I get too abusive. Whoops.

  7. that's just a little taste of what happens -- your knee wouldn't be the only thing tweakin if you knew the whole story. :p
  8. yeaaah! my now boyfriend was the one who introduced me to this sort of stuff.
    ...now I want sex :( god damnit. :devious:
  9. ya, lets smoke a bowl together... :(
  10. I just don't like being hurt or called names
  11. aww :( -- no fun.

    you won't even feel the pain because of the adrenaline rush you get from fucking, and the name calling part. only time i will allow someone to call me a name (other than close friends). hehe -- but different people have different things that turn em on.

    i just don't like being treated like a glass doll all the time. play with me like im GI JOE bitch! :devious:
  12. What about Stretch Armstrong?
  13. how about a blow up doll or a fleshlite? however you spell those things..
  14. Eh, it's not rough sex unless something gets dislocated... Or maybe I'm thinking of something else
  15. .. yeahhh :hide:
  16. i love sex. its one of the few things i KNOW i'm good at. not trying to show off or anything but goddamn i love the feeling of satisfying a woman. its like i can feel her pleasure when she's finally built up enough she gets all tense for a minute as she goes over the top and then the look in her eyes oh my god its the best. i love different types of sex be it playful, tender, rough, roll playing, whatever but my favorite part is always when she comes.

    hmm i'm making a booty call tonight i think...
  17. I hate you all, because I am currently in a drought. But, any way. Ladies, is it just me, or is the day after rough sex a "hornier" day? Like just sitting down, makes you remember it. I love to be spanked.. LoL.
  18. Sex is fun, since I can't smoke pot for a whiiilleee Ive turned to girls, its way cheaper than getting drunk everyday :)

    I love when she tells me what to do to her, like I already don't know what I'm going to do to her?

    I love getting my neck sucked on, she loves getting bit, her nails digging into my back gets me going.
  19. I could go for some sex.
  20. me too... me too. In fact, if i had sex right now... I know for sure I'd have an amazing day.

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