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Lets talk about Jamaican Shower

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by d0p35m0k3r, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. So after I got out of the shower today, I was sitting in the steamy bathroom smoking, just watching the smoke curl, and I got to remembering those good ole' Jamaican showers... and I think I figured them out!

    It seems to me, that steam would be denser (more dense..?:smoking:) than your dope smoke. Heat rises, we all know that. So with the hot dense steam rising up to the ceiling, it seems like that would displace your dope smoke to more of a head level, or at least slow it from rising and dissipating. So rather than going up and away, its right in your face to be inhaled over, and over, and over...

    ...or maybe people do it because steam is good to open your sinuses... maybe a combination of the two? Shit, I don't know I'm too high to figure things out...
  2. Ive never done it but wondered how it works. someone told me the steam lets it absorb through your skin but that does not sound right lol
  3. hahaha

    that doesn't sound right at all! ...maybe someone will help us out on the matter!
  4. I used to do them all the time just to hide the smell
  5. It doesn't work really.

  6. Turn on cold water at the end so your vent will suck up all the steam and smell
  7. Jamaican showers are really good.

    Jamaican showers are just like a really sealed hot box.

    The steam keeps the smoke still in the air which is inhale-able.
  8. i have only done this once and it was at a party. we smoked two blunts and did some bong rips and didnt turn on a vent after so when we walked out the smoked like filled up the whole party for a bit haha, it was amazing.
  9. Hey this is my first post in the city!
    Now One the matter of the Jamaican or in my area the Hawaiian hotbox.
    Im positive that the steam and humidity helps open the pores of the skin leading to minor ingestion when your in a room full of thc molecules that are bonded with the moisture molecules, which you are also inhaling. Im my hotbox bathroom i have two seperate lights, so i have on dedicated to red flood lights so i can blast jams in a red room full of tasty bloom. you have to tap into as many senses to truly get "high"
  10. great first post! welcome to the city
  11. I dont really care about the science of it, I just know its nice as hell, borderline luxurious in my book lol.
  12. I like your shower setup, that's insane! :hello:
  13. thanks , it kinda came together after time just like a stones tool box.
  14. Lol in my area there called a hawaiian hotbox,
  15. Moisture is bad for your lungs :)
  16. I hope your not for real ^
  17. lolz dry lung no fun...g....
  18. the hot steam opens up your pores, weed smoke proceeds to enter said pores, you get higher than normal. hooray!

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