Let's talk about Discrimination.

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  3. ok. you had a good run here, but this post made it a bit too obvious that you are trolling.

    if anyone would like to have a serious conversation about discrimination (specifically between genders) there is already a thread about it.
  4. I'm sorry but it don't matter where you are in this world racism is everywhere. Is how society is in this world. Stop pitting yourself and feeling sorry for you. Oh boooo hooooo someone call me a ****, you know who cares is not the end of the world. Just keep living your life and stop stressing out from what people think of you

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  6. I dunno, it would kinda be cool if multiculturalism could flourish everywhere with out people worrying about how there color is dying or how there history and ideals are being oppressed. The planet should not be segmented by skin color or religion.

    If I ever became a billionaire I would open universal temple and churches everywhere. How the hell can you believe in one religion and not believe in them all?

    - Komatic
  7. A bunch of childish shit. How could nobody see the OP's intentions? This was for you to share how discrimination has affected your life, how it made you feel and what you want to change.

    Instead, one very RUDE individual decided to criticize and insult her particular experience.

    I get where she was coming from. As a white person, you get discriminated against, less than other races, but nonetheless. As a female you are discriminated against. As a male you are discriminated against.

    Seriously fucking disappointed.
  8. i believe you are confused. the OP did not come off at all how you are saying.
    yes white people experience discrimination, yes males experience, yes EVERYONE experiences it. this did not seem to be OP's point. OP came in here and started bitching about how tough it is to be white, and how white people get treated so unfairly and shit. OP was absolutely ridiculous.
    i don't think you do get where she is coming from. i'm seriously fucking disappointed.
  9. I don't see why that deserves the rude and childish responses.

    She probably would've tried to elaborate better, had she not been attacked.

    She pointed out her opinion, everyone else's could've been presented with more tact, but instead of telling us their feelings on discrimination, they focused on her personal experience.

    And I'm getting really sick of your cocky attitude towards me.

  10. actually.. you assumed that those things happened because of his race. he never mentioned race in his post.
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    you are right it doesn't necessarily deserve a rude response. however her views on things are incredibly childish, and so it's not that surprising that the responses were childish.
    i actually did not pay that much attention to her personal experience for the sake of this thread, i focused simply on the message she was attempting to convey.

    her first post in this thread was valid. it's all the crazy shit she said after that, which turned this thread into a joke.

    she also makes some rather racist remarks, insults people, calls them bitches, is incredibly hypocritical, etc.. etc...

    GirlyS, i did come off condescending in my last post, because i took the attitude of your post a bit off, looking back at it i see you weren't being a bitch or nothin. i always try to have calm rational discussions. sometimes when people stop having calm rational discussions i also loose my cool. my bad for coming off cocky, or whatever.

    i still stand by what i said, but i could have said it better.

    EDIT: also if you have a personal issue with me, and you have a desire to try and resolve it, please PM me.
  12. smoky.. what kinda over the top fucked up joke was that?

    you never delete posts :laughing:
  13. It's scary isn't it?

  14. it was probably a joke so racist it was almost illegal :laughing:
  15. as a black latino asian AND muslim i know what discrimination is.

    police target me

    airport staff target me

    the two worst things apart from getting a job
  16. Yeah, but you can tell black jokes while me and OP are oppressed by society for being white so we don't have that luxury.

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  17. yeah but you are born with so many opportunities

    you can go to college

    you can get a job

    you have parents that care for you with money

    police is there to help you

    you can travel around the world

    all we got is the trap

    oh and youre not confined to living in the crime zones.
  18. You get discriminated here, there and everywhere..... no matter who are you, what color skin you have, what sex, what disability, or if your a fat lard or not...... you will get discriminated in your life..... that part of life.... to be unfortunate, that mentality cannot be stopped
  19. every time you make a post like this i always picture that one post you made about hating gays and it just makes everything you say turn into a steaming turd.
  20. i kno it aint got shit to do wit me but i dont hate gay people i hate homosexual acts

    i dont have a problem with gays who dont get down to gay stuff or atleast anywhere near me

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