Let's talk about Discrimination.

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  1. I feel that as a woman, I get discriminated against very unfairly.
    Let me give you a few examples:
    Me and my boyfriend at the time applied to the same place. It was a factory. I had 3.5 years of experience as a materials handler/ machine operator. He had no factory experience whatsoever.
    They hired him in as a Machine Operator and hired me as a packager. They paid his $4/hr more than me to start.
    I've worked in several factories and could never get anywhere even though i worked hard and had a great attitude and work ethic, so one day i asked my boss flat out, "why am i not moving up?" He then informed me that though he wouldve liked to have made me a floor manager or supervisor, the company felt that a woman could not handle the job.
    i was in ROTC for 4 years and worked out regularly. My strength was not an issue.

    Also, I feel that as a white person I am discriminated against in a lot of ways. One being that the world seems to think its okay to say any racial slur or hateful thing to a white person, because they are white, but there are books of words you can not even mention around a person of another race without being labelled a "racist".
    There are churches, dating websites, religions, and plenty of other organizations that are for only "this race" or "that race" but if someone were to start, i dunno.. A white person only dating site or whatever it would be considered "racist".

    To me THAT is the definition of racism. Not allowing one race to have the same opportunities as others? It makes no sense to me.

    How about NO discrimination towards anyone? What if people just judged others by their actions and not their gender, views, or race?

    So, i want to know.. What are your guys thoughts on this? I feel that SEXISM is a much more prominent and concerning issue over racism in our society, but thats just me.

    Please, i know some of you may not agree with me, but im asking you to be respectful. We're all adults here, right?

    Oh, and i want any taboo questions about white people open to discussion or questioning. Feel free to PM me if you would rather not post here.
  2. This is about where you lost me.
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    That's exactly my point. Is it really so inconceivable?
    Yes, white people have done some really fucked up shit in the past to.other races and definitely had total freedom in comparison, but does that mean that nowadays white people should have no say in how THEY are being treated?

    I bet that most people do not know that the Irish were worth less than black slaves and were also put into slavery. Does that mean because i am Irish i get to decide this word and that word are "taboo" and no one can say anything against me because then i can accuse them of being racist?

    Does racism only apply to select races? How is it fair that my kid can be called a "cracker" or a "hick" and that is okay, but if my kid were to call a Mexican a "spik" (?) Or even "Mexican" as opposed to "hispanic" then they would be viewed as "evil" and "racist"?

    I dont feel that name calling of any sort should.be tolerated, for the record, but it makes my.point.
  4. So, is not being able to say an offensive word your only example of being discriminated against?
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    No. I stated several. Namely that there are sites out there like "black people meet" but if there was a site called "white people meet", it'd be racist.

    Or, for instance, if i told a redneck joke, it'd be considered funny and not racist, but if i told a joke about black people, it'd be racist.

    If I get into a fight with a person of another race, even if they started it, i could be, and likely would be, labelled "a racist" and it would be a "hate crime".

    Or just.let's get down.to.basics. How come it's considered completely appropriate for a black or hispanic person to blatantly stereotype white people but if i were to blatantly stereotype another.race right now it'd be... You guessed it: racist.

    And you know what? It absolutely IS racist.
    i just don't feel it's acceptable for other races to be racist towards me. My race is not something i am ashamed of and i do not deserve discrimination for it, in any way.

    I dont use racial slurs, nor do i want to. I want no one to use them towards anyone, including me.
  6. When you can't get a job, house, better education, or mate, and most of society looks down on you then come talk to me about discrimination.

  7. Basically all black jokes are racist though.


    I'm sorry but these responses are hilarious. Get over it and stop trying to feel oppressed.
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    I have seen ethnicities get jobs simply because they aren't white and.companies legally have to have at least a certain amount of black/hispanic/arabic/asian people working for them. Also, i have worked in HR before and have been told I.could.not.fire someone who was incompetent because they were also black, and.it could be viewed as racist.

    So, with that job that they get l, but i hafta work for/to keep, they can get better housing. Also, there are housing.programs out there for minorities and immigrants, but again, if there wqs one exclusively for white people, itd be racist.

    Also, getting a "mate" has nothing to do with this. People are attracted to what they are attracted to and that has to do with human biology not what we are talking about.

    Lastly, I've never heard of a public, private, or charter school rejecting anyone.because of.their race. I have gone to all three types and there were all different races at all of them.

    (p.s. Society hates white people. We're free game for slurs and slander. No one wants to hear about out grievances because our ancestors were assholes and that somehow makes it our fault- as if our race was to blame.. And yet somehow its not racist to treat us unfairly..)

  9. You are exactly my point and my problem.
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    2nd time in a row you said that I am proof of your claim yet neither time have you provided any actually occurring event to back up your claim. Would bes, maybes and probablys as far as the eye can see.

    I saw this black guy running down the street with a tv. I thought it was mine, but then I remembered mine's at home polishing my shoes.

    Idk how that could be seen as racist
  11. it's always funny when white people get upset over so-called 'racism' toward them. like. no.
  12. I'm sorry, you just want to talk about racism against white's. And here I though we were going to be talking about all forms of discrimination....
  13. Seriously guys? Wow... And i thought to gc crowd was a more open minded crew.

    You guys make me sad.

    I guess you cant understand what its like.if you're not a white chick. There must be no such thing as human empathy anymore.

    Fml. Think what you want but if you've got nothing even remotely constructive to say then why bother posting?

    Im seriously awestruck at the audacity of you guys.


  14. Thats what I wanted to talk about, but some people like to pick out the most controversial things and dwell on that.
  15. Feel bad for me. I'm oppresseded!

    You haven't made a single point in this entire thread. Your argument consists of "this is what I'm talking about" and hypotheticals.
  16. It's called "a debate". I state my point of view. You state yours. Then we discuss why we feel that way... Oh no wait.. You thought i could literally prove what I've experienced and lived through as if i had a camera strapped to me the whole time?
    Oh, well, my bad then.:rolleyes:

    ( and I've made several points. You just dont agree with them.. Or does that magically make.them.suddenly not exist?)
  17. If you've been discriminated against you typically have proof. Like the fact that I've been turned away from every job I've applied to, every apt. complex refuses to rent to me, I am poor so I can't afford college without assistance but I am barred from government help like student loans and Pell grants, when people find out who you are they instantly disassociate themselves from you. This is discrimination.
  18. Na man, that's nothing. Do you have any idea what it's like to not be able to tell black jokes? That's some real shit.


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  19. People as a whole are the problem. If it isn't about race or gender it would be about wage or diet or some other stupid thing.. We as people will always find someone or something to single out... It's all over the world because people are all over the world. If u really wanted all that shit to stop.. Figure out how to kill off the human race.
    Unfortunately it will never stop...

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