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    I had these voices in my head as a child, lets say as i grew up, i didn't know my brother and sister had a telepathic connection with me....that basically i had the ability to be a telepath, without knowing i was one. So these voices in my head, and one time it felt like i was watching myself doing things, and destroying things that i would never do. If i ever had a moment of weakness, where i was exhausted, its a lot easier for me to get angry, then when im in decent shape and mental state. 
    Would it be easier for someone to influence, someone else, depending on health and mental state?

  2. nigga whats yo question? I didnt see no damn question marks
  3. Yes it's very easy to influence some else

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  4. I don't know about telepathic abilities. However if someone has mental health issues, then I would think its fair to say that they would be more susceptible to suggestions made from others. Put a thought in someone's mind and if they have voices, those voices can latch onto a planted thought and amplify it. A friend of mine is schizophrenic and when she is having a hard time with it, she keeps to herself because she doesn't trust other people due to people adding to the thoughts and not really helping her.
  5. Has anyone ever felt a mental connection with a close friend, or family member? Like you know when something bad happened to them and you call them, and they were like yea i just got into a car accident.
  6. That happens to me on a regular basis. I've had an awful feeling about one of my buddies a couple times and each time I had it he ended up being arrested that same night.

    Or if I'm fixing to call my other buddy he'll call me at the same time and that'll happen almost every day usually. And with the same buddy I'll be thinking of a question and then he'll start talking and it'll answer my question with the subject he's talking about.

    It's pretty crazy the bazaar telepathic type shit that happens in my life.
    I believe telepathy is 100% possible.

    If only I could master it and win the powerball -.-

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    Unfortunately all the fucking time.... fluoride helps bro.. 
    Be wary of anyone thats bisexual as well... like seriously ... stay away from those freaks. 
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    Fluoride as a telepathic stimulant or some shit?

    Edit: just did a google search, figured emperor would like to see this too


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  9. This is a marijuana forum. Sounds to me like you've gone through the gateway and got yourself lost. That paragraph was a headfuck and a half.
    No... As in fluoride helps stop telepathic communication, tbf I was kinda just joking dude, but I think it might have some effect on it. 
    & The Emperor?
  11. What am I thinking right now OP? 
  12. i got fish
  13. OP

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  14. Lets say you're schizophrenic and need help that you're putting off because you've convinced yourself you're telepathic?
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    Thats exactly what i was thinking, too bad i only convinced myself 8 days ago. After moving to a new place, talking with new people. 
    Lets say you aren't schizo and alot of people are telepathic, people that are close to you. As a kid you start hearing voices, and convince yourself that there was something wrong with you, and block everyone off. Only to find out that there is something wrong, and it is you, but everyone else was apart of it.
  16. Do these new people here voices too?

    Lets say you are schizophrenic, and you recently met new people that may or may not be schizophrenic themselves. That these new people have a delusion that makes them content with not getting help and makes them feel better about themselves. You start to believe the delusion yourself and also put off the help that you need while your mental illness unknowingly wears your mind down after a while.

    I'm not bashing you for thinking you're telepathic, while I think it's ridiculously far fetched there's nothing wrong with keeping an open mind, I just suggest you seek out professional help, and don't settle. If you don't find help from one psychologist, move on to the next one until you find someone who can help you. Don't give up find trying to find the help you need. Just don't let your idea that you may be telepathic stop you from finding that help, and talk to them about that if you want to.

  17. lets say we need to evict some people our of your head...
  18. Btw im bi-polar type 2, it was diagnosed when i was 16. I had been going to anger management, and family therapy most of the time since 14. The amount of voices in my head is astronomical....so compared to 2 voices i would here as a kid, it doesn't make sense that after all this time now my schizo is kicking into effect.
  19. like who? There are alot of people in my head....I do need to learn how to control it better for sure.
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    Yeah but anger management and family therapy are not the kind of help you need when dealing with bi polar and possibly schizophrenia. Anger management could maybe help if one of your personalities is angry. You need an actual therapist someone who knows his psychology and wants to help, not just make a profit. I understand how hard and confusing of a task that can be, especially if you're in the US where mental health is seriously neglected. It's also totally possible that the longer you live with schizophrenia that you may hear more voices, it's also possible that it's laid dormant most of your life. You would be one out of a large group of people that it has happened to.

    Again, find the help you need. Therapists have heard much crazier things than someone with schizophrenia thinking they're telepathic(which thinking about it, I could see how you could think that). That's something they can help you understand.


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