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  1. Greetings Grasscity!

    I've been lurking around for many, many years. I'd. like to first and foremost thank all of you for your valuable content, even before joining, I learned so much.

    Anyways, now that we know each other, I'd like to play a game with everyone, a hypothetical one.


    You live in a country with some of the strictest laws regarding weed. Now, let's make things more interesting..., you have no other choice than to rent an apartment to live in. As we can see, this is a difficult but workable environment, but you must choose your tools wisely. Money is not the biggest issue for you; however, that does't mean be lazy think of the most practical, inefficient solution. Instead, think of what would work with 99.8% accuracy, similar to condoms.

    In this scenario, our grow sizes are either 2x4s or 4x4, no restrictions on anything else.

    As you might have noticed by now, this is not a game where we discuss best growing strategies, nute combos, etc. This is where we discuss odor elimination that has 99.8% efficacy.

    Cheers Grasscity,

  2. Carbon filter inside the tent, another one on the exhaust. No odor until harvest/trimming. I've run this setup in a 3x3 for years with excellent results.
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  3. Well played. Sounds like a free standing 6" inside the tent + 6 " exhaust dual scrubbing should do the trick for a 4 x 4. Maybe a ozone generator for the room the tent is in for emergencies, or maybe on a timer while not in the room.

    Cheers for the comment.
  4. Ozone will kill all living things.
  5. haha have you though about blackouts? maybe a dedicated battery rig that will keep your exhaust fan running in an event of a blackout for at least 12hrs.

    close the door to your room. one big carbon filter on the exhaust, one big carbon filter in the room outside the tent. a big tub of ona outside the room near the entrance of your house. a backup energy supply for your exhaust fan as i mentioned. this setup should be 99.99%
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  6. Well played! I was thinking something similar for the game.

    Something like this:
    Tent inside room sized at 4x4"(120x120cm), 2-3 plants max> 6inch inline carbon filter and fan exhaust>6inch free-standing carbon filter scrubbing the tent. I guess the goal would be to do everything in this tent from seed to dry to package. Scrubbers changed annually or bi-annually.

    Emergency battery pack...like you mentioned 12, maybe 24 hours if the costs similar. Ozone generator for the room the tent is in, connected to a timer. Once the ozone treatment is done, another 8 inch fan turns on help spread and "air the room". Ideally, I'd rather choose inline ozone options but they'd all be too powerful for a 4x4.

    Thanks for playing!
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  7. the smell inside the tent, no one cares. you need a standing carbon filter in the room outside to tent to catch any smell if somehow anything escapes imo (like when you open the tent to tend plants).

    and ozone is an unstable molecule think like breathing h2o2 not suitable if you are recurcilating air and not exhausting outside because it will damage your lungs in the ppms required to negate the smell. a tub of ona will get the job done if your carbons are on a power source in case of any blackouts.

    you can even get a 3rd carbon filter for your house and keep it close to the entrance. it would be overkill but your house would smell so clean haha. i love the freshness of carbon scrubbed air.
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  8. Yes, that's very true. But my thinking, although possibly wrong, was that If there is no smells in the tent, then there is no smells to be extracted. In this scenario, it is required to get a larger tent that growing needs to allow for extra equipment and yourself inside to work on your plants. Say, a 2x4 grow inside a 4x4 for example. The added benefits I imagine would be that any sounds from fans would be kept inside the tent. This also means this tent is used for chopping and drying too, in order to contain everything.

    This is why I was mentioning a little outside ozone generator to turn on with a timer. For example 5 mins on, 25 mins off, when not in the room. When in the room, turn off the timer and shut off any ozone use. Although honestly, if two 6inch scrubbers can't take care of the smell then I'd be a bit shocked! So the ozone generator is really for an extra back up in case of odors. On top of that, if power fails like we both mentioned, instead of running both fans on the power bank, you could reduce to use just one (in theory just one should do the job anyways but who knows?), and use the ozone generator if you're having issues. Also, ozone generators don't use much power.

    Yes, I really appreciate you writing that out. Too many people do not know how to use an ozone generator properly, and that is a health hazard in itself. However, in this scenario where the tent is in a room with no dire needs to enter at any specific time, safe use of the machine can be established. I'd say for every amount of time the machine is on, an individual must be out of the room for 5 times as long (probably going overboard but, better safe than sorry). Worst comes to worst and you have to enter the room, just have a few carbon filtered masks on hand, you just need it on for long enough to get in your tent.

    Other than the million questions you'd get from visitor asking you what foreign machine is that near your door, I do like the idea, it would make for a very clean and breathable house haha! Many could confused it for a new age Dyson product, muhahah. Real talk, I imagine the best way is to seal off a part of said room, have a faux door, basically a hidden 4x4 ---but that sounds like a nightmare to do without being very handy.

    Cheers again for all your thoughts I love them, I'm excited to hear what you think about mine. Overall, our thinking is quite similar.

  9. Sorry, just wanted to confirm. So you mean, 2x carbon filters and 1 fan. Inside the tent: carbon filter > inline fan sucking> ducted out to another carbon filter. Is that correct? How would you set that up? Getting an overpowered fan or using a booster fan? I'm just asking because I was wondering if two filters would drop the efficiency of the fan too much.

    Thanks again buddy!
  10. Yes, 2 filters, one fan. That won't drop efficiency enough to make a difference.
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  11. I like it. I thought one would have to buy 2 filters and 2 fans. Thanks for the knowledge!
  12. i’d go for 2 fans for 2 carbon filters just in case 1 of them fails.

    i think a 2x4 inside a 4x4 is not a bad idea when being super stealthy. and if someone asks about the carbon filter and fan you can always say it keeps the air clean and i like it. who cares haha

    but really ozone is also bad for the plants and you really dont need it. carbon filters remove all the smell 100%. i got a 4x4 and 2 2x2s always in flower with 1 large and 2 small carbon filters and not even my smoker friends can smell anything. ozone is just not worth it imo.
  13. Ozone will damage the plants. Don't use ozone near living things.
  14. Yeah bud! I like these redundancies over redundancies. Two fans at work, overkill but like we said, we like stealth. This also means we don't need to crank em all the way, so I'd imagine that could only be helpful for sound. An extra fan and filter for emergencies. Next, power bank capable of running said two fans and filters for 12-24 hours.

    With the above, I guess it's true an ozone wouldn't be necessary unless used as a fourth redundancy. Fair play, on convincing me out of ozone. Cheers bud.
  15. Yes, only to be used in the lung room or inline.
  16. Everything in a secret room closet for the win? :smoking-banana:

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