Lets make this kid famous GC!

Discussion in 'General' started by AustinPowers, May 7, 2011.

  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ECgoZEpIF50]YouTube - If Justin Bieber can get famous... why can't I? ("Jonah" - Graham Stookey)[/ame]
  2. Awesome song. Great guitar playing. They way he switches to the minor chords is beautiful.
  3. Agreed. Also, welcome back dude. :wave:
  4. This kid has got talent.

    I'm sure he could make it big if he tries.

    I would help to make him famous if I knew how.
  5. Thank you! It feels great to have internet connection again. :hello:
  6. Welcome to class, blades. Here is your pop quiz:

    Which of the following is correct?

    (a.) Grasscity is used to make random guitar players famous.
    (b.) Grasscity is not used to make random guitar players famous.

    Please, no talking during the quiz, please place your pencil on your desk when finished and turn the sheet of paper face-down to let me know you're done. Good luck.
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    A? NO B! lol
  8. I wouldn't mind seeing him get famous
  9. Not trying to be mean but it's a kid with a guitar... Sure he can play good but in todays world that doesn't mean shit. The reason people like Justin bieber is popular is because he has mass appeal (to teenies anyways). People these days aren't interested in genuine talent but instead catchy crap.

  10. Definitely B!
  11. that why we gotta get some REAL talent making some of that money haha
    i say that but as good as this kid is, i doubt i'll ever actually spend any money to help him out, just post encouraging messages on a forum he doesn't visit... haha

    but for real, use that shit to get TONS of pussy, then you'll be a legend for the next four years at your scholl/town:)
  12. hes talented, but his playing is generic as is his entire sound, so he may jsut get famous

  13. We need less "famous" people not more.
  14. good point, i officially move not to help this kid in any way
  15. People dont realise the downfall fame brings. I see it all the time.

    Kid is good though.
  16. WOW, this is honestly the first song i have bought off itunes in a while, yes...actually purchased off itunes.

    Thank you for showing me him.
  17. Your welcome!

  18. well i guess its are job to change that

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