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Lets get this outta the way!!!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. There are NO nuggets in or on a chicken.

    You know when the process a chicken and the parts left over and whats fell on the floor? Well guess what???? McD's calls that nuggets!!!!!!

    Now if ya want some real chicken, come on down south for some real deep fried southern delious chicken.

    We cook the whole chicken (except for their peckers)!!

    Any one want more nuggets????
  2. hell yeah, those nuggets are all sorts of nasty shit...hey why arent there beef nuggets?
  3. they are called hot dogs
  4. You got that right Bud Head....from the floor shoveled Mcdonalds nuggets,,,to the good ol southern cooked chicken,,or turkeys for that matter....boiler style...mmm good..So would you be cooking?

    now I'm,,wonder if their is some plastic bagged nuggets in the freezer.....nope lol. Still quail strips from yesterday...and I know where that came end of my shotgun...

  5. shhh fer cryin out loud!!!
    only special chickens have nuggets, there called banquet chickens
    *blocks out the image of where all the peckers go.*
  6. Bud Head when did you become an expert in chicken peckers?

    I understand now, born that way!

    BTW, where you're from is not the South anymore. Too many yankees there now.

    Tell them how they put the coleslaw on top of the meat in the BBQ sandwiches in your part country.
  7. i thought everyone knew that hot dogs were just the junk that is dropped on the floor from the cow(aka beef)

    "oh..damn..dropped another stomach piece"
    "well, just pick it up and throw it in the hot dog pile"
    "what about the hair and dirt and poo on it?"
    " gets cooked out?"
    "HAHAHAHA...COOOKED OUT...thats the best one yet fred"

    wow im stoned..
  8. "Hey I dropped my penis on the floor again, Fred"
    "Just throw it in the hotdog pile, joe"
    "But hey...NO! WAIT...I-"
    ::Fred picks up joes penis and jams it into some misc. machine with a ludicrous amount of rapidly spinning razors.::
    ::silence, joe is sporadically twiching before he finally is still::

    man im NOT EVEN STONED!!!!
  9. at freds house.....its a family bbq...when all of a sudden...fred throws up cuz he just realized he took a gigantic bite of joes penis hotdog...and for only a second...just that split second....he liked it :|
  10. What is the name of that book????????? <major brain fart> is a famous book from the 50's...where they spoke about how terible conditions were in hot dog manurfacturing plant?
    Recently, well within the last several years there have been many reports about unsanitary conditions in chicken processing plants.

  11. or something like that?
  12. The Jungle was written at the turn of the century and detailed the horrors of the Chicago meat packing industry. President Teddy Roosevelt was eating a breakfast of sausages when reading a gruesome passage about.... sausages and immediately threw up. He then led the crusade to start up the Pure food and drug act which led to the FDA which cleaned up the American food industry.

    This has been another useless triva fact from the Big Poppa Puff files. This also proves that chronic MJ use in no ways impairs long term cognitive and memory functions. And lays to rest the misconception that BPP is no longer a "memory Specialist"
  13. Bar-B-Que with slaw
    Slaw dogs and chillie
    Fish and slaw sandwich
    Hell we eat slaw on the old ladies------------------- Sorry about that folks jut got carried away!

    does that cover it BPP?

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