Lets Get Fucked Up Tonight Grasscity!

Discussion in 'General' started by CasinoCloudz, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. I got a fresh six pack of key light and a new crispy Dub sack of some Blackberry Kush. lets get fucked up baby

    Anyone else flying solo and gettin fucked tonight?
  2. Yessir...just picked up a g of some nice looking orange kush. Gonna take a few bong rips as soon as everyone goes to bed.
  3. Yeah though double on that six pack and nug plus some portobello mushrooms.;)
  4. One beer smashed

    Let the night officially begin
  5. I'd kill for a 6er of blue moon. I'm just too lazy, and I have work tomorrow.

    But tomorrow is beer and pizza day.
  6. Already there home dawgm, workin on a 5th of capn and a 1/8th of jack herrerrrrrrrr as we speak

  7. MMMMMM I love me some Jack Herer
  8. 6 pack gets you fucked up? Grab a bottle of jack and some coke my friend.
  9. Im a super light weight
  10. I never understood the appeal of being drunk alone.
  11. Just got done crushing a bowl of dank in my sherlock...Now I'm gonna settle down with a dirty martini...fuck yes.:smoke::D
  12. I love getting smashed by myself, no drama, crank my music up way loud and just zone waaayyyy the hell out.
  13. 2 down

    4 to go

    still havent smoked
  14. I'm having some scotch and tamarind flavor jarrito, and plan on smoking a honey optimo blunt in a little bit. Cheers guys!
  15. ahhhhh i freaking love tamarind jarritos. also the lime and the mandarina
  16. Well I just got done smoking a fat Bubbler of Blackberry Kush and I am surely retarded. I still havent finished my third beer but shits about to go down.

    High weed tolerance= gay
    Low alcohol tolerance= awesome
  17. not me i spent up all my money on food dammit:mad:
  18. I never understood the appeal of being drunk at all.

    But hell yeah GC. Party on! :D
  19. That bub definetly did it in for me I am fucked up sheittt
  20. dueeexdddeee im sooo gonnnesss ahh

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