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Lets Celebrate Everyone

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Cali_Toker, Jun 5, 2003.

  1. ed was sentanced today, this was takin from hightimes.com: "Pot-growing expert Ed Rosenthal, facing a five-year mandatory-minimum sentence on federal cultivation charges, was sentenced to one day in jail this morning by US District Judge Charles Breyer in San Francisco."

    this is one of the biggest steps ever in the medical marijuana movement, actually its proally the biggest. It shows now matter how hard the government tries to lock people up for growing medical weed that they will lose. Yeah they won cause ed was convicted but really they lost cause the mandatory minumim sentance is 5 yrs but the judge is only sentancing him to one day.....man the government must be pissed about this one... Hope yall realize how big this is for our cause.

    :: BlaZed ::
  3. bastards beat me to it, i woke up today and the first thing that happened is my mom told me about his sentance, I was going to post a thread about it but didn't have time, oh well...

    ...JUSTICE FOR ED!!!

    once I get some herb I'm gonna smoke a victory doob
  4. wtf!?

    i thought i already posted a reply to this...

    grrr... some internet demons musta screwed it up.

    anyways, here i go again...


    what's next? no accusation of guilt in the first place???
    these are momentous times my people.. momentous times :D

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