lets all laugh at the newbie

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  1. so first grow this year! :hello:, but i got complacent. when picking my spot, i considered when summer came the expanded tree foliage. NOT WELL ENOUGH. at the time i thought my spot was genuis, but now its much shadier. Still gets decent sun, but prly only a couple hrs of direct light. My soil is good, and everything else. How reduced will yield be with shady areas. (i have no idea the strain)

    any answers to stifle my anxiousness would be much appreciated.
  2. they will take much longer to grow and yield will be noticibly less. Find a different spot or cut down some trees or trim some branches.
  3. sounds to me like you have like 3 options....probably the easiest solution it to just cut some of the branches that are blocking light out of the trees if you can. if you cant do that i'd say try to move to a new spot. if you cant do that the 3rd option is to just accept that your gonna take longer and not get as much. its your first grow shit happens, believe me man i know the feeling too as im on my first as well. happy growing.
  4. If you live where your summers get hot this could work to ur advantage.shadeing midday sun when its 90deg+ actually might help plant grow faster.As long as ur getting some hours of direct sun u should be ok.Also the sun changes angle as the summer progresses so take this into consideration.If your gona limb the tree make sur you paint the knots theses will glow to anybody that knows what to look for.

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