Lets all hug

Discussion in 'General' started by nikidog11, Jun 13, 2003.

  1. Ok im back, done feelling sorry for myself and back on my self serving right wing rightious american horse.

    Ahhh its not easy being "right" all the time.

    Official news flash Hamas reprsentatives have publicy stated that they will never agree to any peace plan, they have said that the killing will not stop until all jews are out of Israel.

    So what do you think leftys, shouldnt we just go over there and give em a big hug and sing kumbya, surley these are reasonable people.

    Did you know that if you drop a nuke in the desert it makes a pretty cool looking glass landscape?
  2. I know wouldnt that be cool, when you expose large amounts of sand with steel melting tempaturs you get glass, we could take an area about the size of...... oh i dont no maybe the size of Iran and Iraq, drop a nuke, then we could have the worlds largest skating rink. Just think all the rich american politicains can take there familys there!
  3. 'Lets all hug '

    where's the bizitches at?
  4. are-you-calling-me-a-leftie????

    lol :D

    [i could write some serious shit here, but decided against it, seeing as, erm, hmm. go hamas!!]
  5. yeah... lets go drop a nuke on the innocent masses because of the actions of a guilty few.


  6. yeah really...i0 think weve been tricked
  7. No no no, we dont call em innocent casualitys
    We call em collateral damage

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