Let me see your dirty bongs

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  1. this is for dirty bongs (not dirty dongs) so keep it PG folks lmao

    Let me see your dirty bongs!
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  2. 72148C0E-9682-4127-97C4-CF98325EE642.jpeg Here’s mine
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  3. Dude how's your bong not dirty at the bottom??? Every bong I've ever owned always got dirty at the bottom then the top is clean lmaoo
  4. Small wonder it NEVER gets used... yuck;
    Ain't got no bong, per se....
  5. Because I only ever soak the bottom haha. I want to get that residue from the next and smoke it but I might have some trouble. Got any tips?
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  7. ... me, either.
  8. don't
  9. [​IMG]

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