Let me edit your photos

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  1. I used to do this on Reddit every now and then, it's great practice for all of us and sometimes the results are worth keeping so in a perfect world, everyone is a winner hahaha

    preferably raw images and please feel free to also take photos from here and edit them, make sure you send your edits to the respected owners.

    looking forward to seeing all your work.
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  2. So we put them up here and you lift them into your photo program to edit?
  3. Yep or to a third party website.
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    Alrighty then. I'll go first. Does that work @.AcidTrip.

    IMG_6994.jpg IMG_1373.jpg
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  5. Im not shooting RAW files atm as i dont have any programs on the old laptop to open them. JPEG isn't gonna give you much to work with so your gonna have to wait till i get a new computer:).
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  6. Ha! That a way Digga. Has a whole new feeling in black and white!
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