Lessons I've Learned in Month 1 of Being a Newbie

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CaptHowdy2013, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Hope this helps some first time growers, not mess up their first grow like me at first.

    DO NOT PUT CUTTINGS UNDER A 600 WATT MH LIGHT, after 12 hours of the light being on I killed 9 Female northern lights clones. LESSON LEARNED

    MAKE SURE YOUR RESIVOIR AND GROW ROOM IS CLEAN - my room is spotless but I must not have cleaned my res. well enough the first time because the nutes and root booster caused bacteria to grow after 1 week. This white sludge crap sucked. I SUPER CLEANED my Res. added my nutes and after another week the water came out clean. I'm chaning the water for the second time tomorrow and will clean out my res. very well with light dawn dish soap and warm water a few times and fill with cold tap water and add new nutes.LESSON LEARNED

    USE SMALLER CONTAINERS IN YOUR SMALL ROOM- I used a 25 Gal res and have to drain it alone through a 3" drain hole. I should have used 3 smaller (10 gal. Res') Heavy as shit and I have major spinal damage so LESSON LEARNED

    IF YOUR SEEDLINGS STRETCHED, BURY MOST OF THE STEM WHEN YOU TRANSPLANT - I Have 3 plants not buried deep enough in my DWC res. They are very healthy but I can forsee support problems LESSON LEARNED

    USING HPS/MH SYSTEMS MAKE YOUR SMALL TENTS VERY HOT! HAVE ADEQUATE COOLING AVAILABLE - 600 watt HPS/MH kit in a 4x5x6.5 tent, 2 fans, 1 exhaust fan, tent wide open, still 28+ deg. Celcius

    Hope a couple of these tips help someone else. Learn from my first time mistakes.

    Also USE A FREAKING HUMIDITY DOME it actually does make a difference for seedlings
  2. I like this thread. The things you posted happened to me as well (beside the hydro problems) that would have been nice to know before growing.

    I guess my lesson learned is to make sure your ducting is secured very tightly. Mine came undone and my tent reached 100 degrees and 70% humidity.
  3. I agree with that definatly..... I also forgot to mention that because I had all my ducting and fan fall out of the chain supports, come through the hole back into the room and knocked over all my equipment......definatly make sure those bitches are hung up and taped into place and sealed properly!

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