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  1. I realize that this should probably be in the Spirituality and Philosophy forum, but not everyone checks out that forum and I want this to reach all the blades who've been reading my posts here.

    I have it in my head that there is a lesson to be learned from any situation I encounter. Sometimes I may not realize what the lesson is right away... sometimes I may not realize it for years. But if I look hard enough, I can usually find a lesson in every situation.

    Take for instance my most recent stretch of time on these boards. You'll notice that I registered here in 2003. Up until April 6, 2006, I'd posted less than 75 times. Since then, I've come close to 200 posts. This is where I looked for my lesson, somewhere in those 200 or so posts.

    At first, I didn't know why I came back to post. It was just this feeling that I had that I needed to be here. Looking at it now, I think my main lesson has to do with fine tuning my views on violence. That whole thread where I come across as anti-violent has helped me to understand why I'm that way. And I made some statements that I couldn't quite fit into my philosophy of non-violent actions... but no one questioned those mis-statements.

    I find that for me it's important to not only have opinions, but to know why I have those opinions. I don't like spouting off things just because someone else said it before me. I like knowing myself and the reasons behind my words and actions. I see today that that's exactly why I'm here. I get to put forth my thoughts, rework them if they don't fit, try out new ways of putting words together, and one of my favorite reasons... to share whatever wisdom I have to offer. The City is a good place for this, a safe place to think.

    I also hope that by being here and posting my views I have somehow in some way helped people to see things in a different light, to open their eyes to ways of Living Life and to see that Life is good. I know that by being here, I've changed the way I see a few things. This place calms me for some reason. It makes me feel more Me and less like a lost soul stumbling through uncharted territory.

    The main reason I wanted to say all this is to take the time to say thanks to everyone for helping me with my lessons. If I happen to just drop out of sight one day, don't let it worry you. It'll just mean that I'm on to the next lesson. Don't worry... I'm not wandering off right this second. This isn't a 'so long, and thanks for all the fish' sort of thing. I'm still enjoying myself. I just didn't want to fade away without giving thanks.

    Peace to all...:cool:
  2. i look forward to reading your thoughts and views.
  3. i really enjoyed reading that man. im glad youre here buddy.

    oh, and thanks for the fish man.
  4. I like your style. It's hard to find people that frequently examines theirself.

    I am a much different person than i used to be. If it weren't the sudden desire to get

    my life heading in the right direction spiritually, I would be a meaningless void full of

    anger, hatred, hard drugs and violence. I still struggle daily, but steadily making

    improvements on who I really Am.

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