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    So me and my girlfriend have been dating now for about 5 months. everyday was like a blessing. i'm talking your dream perfect relationship, laughter, talking, no arguments etc.

    were in college, and we were going to attend the same university this year however about a 2 weeks ago some personal stuff happened at home and i'll have to take a leave of absence to work up and earn some money, thus making me not attend school.

    ever since that incident, my girlfriend basically is not talking as much, barely responds to ANYTHING i say, gets pissed at me over the smallest things. today, she only texted me 3 times....reason i say that, is because (no exaggeration) we'd usually text up to 50 texts between us a day before. so dont think im like upset because i dont get a text, its just this came literally OUT OF NO WHERE.

    mind you, last night she took a minute before i said goodnight to say "baby, i love you even if you dont think i show it sometimes" then the next day...no words, no sign of ANY emotion. kind of like she said to shut me up or something

    I can't take it anymore, all she does it make me feel like shit and bc of how huge my feelings are for this girl, its, almost like running over me playing with my heart strings. for two weeks i didn't show a sign of being upset, just because of who i am as a person, i dont show emotion often. but damn this is fking hurting me like none ever. how does someone date you for 5 months and give you there whole heart, then when they hear news about YOU having personal problems at home, then just not talk for a long time..?

    any tips?

    i dont want to end things, bc i truly do believe that there's the old her inside somewhere...but how long am i supposed to wait
  2. i just finished my first year of college. It was kind of a bombshell, being away from friends and family, being in total control of yourself, and having to deal with all new friendships. If she told you that she loves you even if it may not seem like it, I would give her a little slack. Does she want to be a Dr/engineer? Then she may have to focus on grades from freshman year. If it was easy for her to show you her love, she would do it instead of telling you this. And that is something you don't do unless you have to.

  3. were not worried about school, as were both sitting on 3.75/3.80 her gpa respectively.

    i believe her when she said that, its just.. when you have feelings for someone it would just seem logical they'd show them. idk maybe thats just me.

    but things definitely changed, like i she's not the same, i know its not me, believe me i took a look at myself and asked some friends (girls too) and they said that i been the same since they knew me. my self image is definitely with bias but i haven't changed, my day by day duties are still the same as they always been
  4. My ex did this after 5 months, and I felt the exact same also. I stuck it out another 3 months because I thought things would go back to normal... They didn't.

    After a few weeks, she was talking to me again. She apologized and basically said she was doing it on purpose and she knew it was selfish ect ect.

    I don't remember if I called her a bitch or not, but... Yeah.
  5. Perhaps she is trying to distance herself a bit due to the sudden change in plans in an attempt to make it less painful.

    Give her the space she needs and if it's meant to be it will be.
  6. should i maybe say something? like the way she been acting? in a non rude way?

    ouch..yeah see thats what i do NOT want to happen.

    and i mean.. i never was rude to her, i never called her a bitch or insulted her to be honest, unless we were just messing around..in bed ;) .. but never
  7. Yeah same here. She was everything to me and all that.
    I think what happened is after I broke up with her, she tried to find another guy but noticed they were all douchebags, and went "o shit what'd I do" and fell on her face.

    Maybe your girl needs to fall on her face?
    She probably just doesn't want to be around all this partying and the whole college experience without a guy to enjoy it with... If you know what I mean.

    Bottom line, there are tons of possibilities. Have a serious sit down talk with her and straighten things out, and TRY (try) to not let your emotions get in the way. Love can act like a blindfold in a ton of situations.
  8. This happened to me, but it wasn't the sign of her breaking up with me. She actually had some really bad family shit going on. She didn't tell me what it was, and I didn't need to know, as long as she knew I was there for her.

    When she was about to break up with me, she was distinctly cold. Lacking emotional connecting. Word choice, tone, etc. was all off. Turns out she was cheating on me with my buddy when I was on vacation. I still have a poster she wanted, that I never had a chance to give her from when I got it to when she got pissed at me for being cheated on. Funny how the world works.

    End of story, if she still seems like she is caring, or wants to try, do as the beetles and let it be.

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