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Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by ganjaphish, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. i wanted to know if anyone else out there is into les claypool at all(former primus lead man)? he is my hero, and i get to see him w/ the bucket of bernie brains in february. i have many live sets of his, and he is just... amazing.
    he came to santa cruz last fall and blew my mind away (my first time seeing him live) like i couldn't believe. his version of "space oddity" is excellent at WORST.

    he pushes the boundaries of music to their limits and beyond, he is a musical genius and a true DORK as well!

  2. yea hes cool, the purple onion is a good cd too
  3. that guy is insane on the bass... lol, primus is great! they used to play their videos a lot on MTV X before they turned it into MTV Jams... like they don't already have enough stations dedicated to playing shitty music... they had to take the only one that actually played the good stuff and make it suck. :(

    lol, sorry... got a little off topic there. yeah... i like les claypool! i'm so jealous you get to see him live and i don't! lol.
  4. Only song I know by them is "My Name is Mudd"

    History Fact:
    Mudd was the doctor who helped Booth after he assassinated President Lincoln.

    Definately killer basslines. They also made the theme song to South Park which is awesome.

    "Friendly faces everywhere, humble folks without temptation."

    BTW...I'll get a pic of this cat once I get some new batteries for my digicam.
  5. the purple onion cd is awesome, i listen to it over and over at work sometimes... also the bonnaroo set is kickass anyone else have the DVD from bonnaroo? it is so neat!

    anyway... if you get the chance to DL some les claypool (you can find some @ gdlive.net i think) then do it. live, they just go off an it's really amazing :D
  6. Les Claypool! He inspired me to play the bass (I had been playing for couple of years before I heard Songs from the Punchbowl) I still have some primus recirds but I just got bored with it, Pork Soda, Frizzle Fry, Songs from the Punchbowl are propably the best Primus records.
  7. yep, les is a bass god.
    former primus? i didn't think he stopped the project. aren't they goin to record soon?
    now i miss primus.
  8. YES, i think that he is the best bass player every, the fact that he can sing so fast and at the same time play bass so fast in bafaling to me
  9. I think ive got all of the primus albums, and a few of claypools releases. Gave Oysterhead a listen and found that he was playing as good as ever it was kind of cool to here him play with Anastasio. I would love to see him in concert Ive heard they are awesome shows

    I remember a cool track on a Rob Wasserman album called trios. Les playing with a few of the other bass greats. :)


    the original primus rocked- larry lalonde was an awesome lead guitarist, and herb the ginseng drummer fit it with Claypools mad riffs great. If only...
  10. yea i would say primus was my fav outta any concert i been to. I got to see them on the tales from the punch bowl tour before tim 'herb' alexander departed, though i really wish i woulda seen them for the frizzle fry/seas of cheese shows.

    i loved tim alexanders drumming!!!!

    But i think les claypool,buckethead, and brain should form a band.,.,.,.,
  11. [QUOTEBut i think les claypool,buckethead, and brain should form a band.,.,.,., [/B][/QUOTE]

    yesssss they should
  12. ganjaphish rocks
  13. I like the song Thela Hut Ginjeet from the Bonnaroo DVD. His solo and the zylophone (sp?) solo were both awsome.

    I think either him or Victor Wooten (of Bela Fleck and the Flecktones) has to be the best bassist ever. Anyone ever heard Victor play Sinister Minister. It's the MOST INCREDIBLE solo you will EVER hear on bass. Download it if you've never heard it before.

  14. col. claypool's bucket of bernie brains! i get to see them on feb 7th in san francisco i am so fucking excited :D

    here's some news about mr. claypool i heard recently: the drummer from TOOL (Danny something) and the lead man from King Crimson will be doing a project with Les the man Claypool, in fact they are working on it right now. will that not fucking rock or what?!?!?!

    and sensimil rocks too!!! :) <3

    sorry, totally stoned here. anyone else? :D
  15. i never heard about col. claypool's bucket of bernie brains. sounds interesting!! What do they sound like? I love Praxis and bucketheads definety my fav. guitarist ever.

    Your so lucky, i never get to see anything good here :mad:
  16. ganjaphish and sensimil rock

  17. Yea, if I was hittin' the town with you two ladies I would buy you both a drink and then go hit on girls with sensimil.

    I'm high.
  18. did any of u have that album by sausage i think it was called 'riddles are abound' or something i forget. but i liked it alot, i dunno if they still sell it but it has some nice bass fondling from claypool.

    I thought they were suppose to release another album years ago but i never heard anything else on the matter.

    les claypool has done alot of projects and things since and after primus , i lose track
  19. speaking of les's projects, i just went to col claypool's bucket of bernie brains @ the fillmore in SF last night.

    talk about one of the strangest (making sandwiches mid-song) performances i've ever seen, but also some of the craziest skills on the bass/guitar from both him and buckethead. holy SHIT is all i have to say.

    they own me.

  20. they must have got the deli creeps providing the cold cuts :p

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