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  1. The pictures are of two feminized blueberry plants started from seed that belong to a friend of mine. He called me over yesterday to have a look at them. They are about 4 to 5 weeks out from harvest...according to his projected harvest time and have done beautifully up until this point. About 10 days ago, plant #1 started to get this burn looking pattern around the crown of the plant. The undergrowth and everything below the area affected is still that lush blue green color we all strive for. But around the top of the plant, it looks like it's suffered some kind of burn. Another friend of ours hooked us up and I've kind of been serving as mentor to him as he's gone through this process so he's not been struggling through the first grow all by himself. These are flowering under a 400 watt hps bulb with no heat issues and the pH levels of water have been in the correct range from the beginning of the grow.. The plant has been watered properly and not over or underwatered. The nutes given have been below recommended ppm's from manufacturer (forgive me...forgot to ask what type nutes he's using on these). There is a sister plant, plant #2, that was planted at the same time and sits right beside plant #1 and though it has some overall slight yellowing, has nothing like the pattern I see on plant #1 and has received exactly the same treatment as the other plant. Judging by the new growth under the affected area, the plant is healthy overall. Look at the stalk on this thing! This is my first experience with this strain but I have been super impressed with the root development on these plants. The roots are lily white and grow like wildfire. When we repotted these from a #3 pot to a 5 gallon bucket, the size and density of the root ball was something I'd never seen before (so I got me a few clones (LOL)). Is there anyone familiar with this particular strain or has ever had something like this happen? I just can't figure out what's going on with it. He did a flush about 5 days ago and apart from the discoloration you see, the plant looks great. I told him that this one was far out of my league but I would try to get these in front of others who know much more than I. Thanks!! TWW

    The first 4 pics are all of the affected plant. The last, a pic of the sister plant showing it's coloration. Thanks again!!
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