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Lemon smelling weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OGgarfield, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I just picked up an 8th of this lemon smelling stuff. Its from a pretty good friend of mine so I trust him to give me good weed. Was just wondering if anyone knows why it smells like that? I'd say it was high mids.
    Thanks :smoke:
  2. There are certain kinds of bud that have a definite citrusy, lemon taste... I got some lemon kush one time... very interesting tasting weed :smoke:
  3. Citrus kind of smells are very common in weed. I have some Amnesia Haze at the moment which is very citrus in smell. Not sure if that kind of smell is specifically associated with Sativa (Amnesia Haze) or both Sativa and Indica, but it's definitely an indication of good shiz!
  4. That's a great sign. Weed can have all sorts of skunky over-tones but citrusy usually makes for some tasty and potent bud. I find its mainly good sativa.
  5. Citrusy lighter smells usually mean its sativa or sativa dominant anyway I think. Which means its probably good stuff.
  6. Yeah in my experience most citrus smells come from sativa buds i get
  7. Alright cool, I am glad its a sativa, sick of falling asleep from indicas for the past couple of weeks!
  8. i had these strong smelling lemon buds about a month ago found out that my dealer put something in it to make it smell like lemon, unless you know the strain i wouldn't say a fruity smell is necessarily better bud. like after that i got a piney/woodsy smell(idk how to decribe) but it was better then the lemon smelling
  9. I had lemon drop once and it smelled amazing
  10. update on the lemon, I was just practising kill hits from a blunt of this, so i was smoking a lot fast. Feeling pretty baked, go citrus weed :p
  11. You're the second person from the uk who has mentioned this on the forum in the last 24 hours.

    I've also got some Lemon. There seems to be a lot of that and cheese floating about at the moment.
  12. mine came from glastonbury, pretty sure its homegrown but i'm not sure how much he grows, probably a fair ammount due to the price per oz
  13. If its perfect weed then that citurs smell turns into a 7-UP/Sprite and Skunk smell imo

  14. it might be og kush
  15. Lemon kush
  16. It's most likely Lemon or Amnesia Haze, those two strains are all over England. Either way if its got crystals and its a bit sticky....enjoy
  17. Your dealer sprayed it with lemon pledge.
  18. [quote name='"Birdlives"']Your dealer sprayed it with lemon pledge.[/quote]

    His dealer ^

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