Lemon Rider

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  1. Hello All,

    This sweet female is what I call Lemon Rider. Last spring I grew an Easyrider auto-flower female and also had a lemon skunk male. I pollinated the Easyrider and harvested some fine bud and lots of seeds. I started one off outdoors and she came right up. It had a little damage the 2nd week so I potted it and brought her indoors. She has been at 12/12 pretty much since she started out as I was finishing up another girl, so I am not sure if it inherited the auto-flower trait, but she started flowering the 4th week. She is 9 weeks old today and has been flowering for 5 weeks. I figure at least 3-4 weeks to go. I'll follow-up with a finished picture.

    I also planted a Vanilla Kush and a G13 Haze last night, I'll post an indoor journal on those 2!



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  2. Dude this is sexy as hell. I would like to experiment with pollinating and making my own tree. My next grow will involve some of the following:

    -White Shark (photoperiod)
    -Bib Bubba (photoperiod)
    -Nirvana Bubbleicious (auto)
    -Royal Queen Royal Dwarf (auto)

    Any suggestions?
  3. Just wondering how you got a lemon skunk male, must have been bagseed i guess :confused_2:

    Regardless that plant is looking great, I'm sure you'll be smoking her soon. :smoking:
  4. I had some straight Lemon Skunk seeds from Marijuana Seeds (cannabis Seeds) High Quality Low Prices and one turned out to be a male, I always save my pollen. I had some Super Silver Haze pollen that I crossed on White Widow, Aurora Indica, White Russian, and LSD this summer. Those will be some cool strains.



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