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lemon kush [macro]

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 32degrees, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Picked up a 20 of this lemon kush, kinda smells like cat piss, but it got me ripped so im not complaining:smoke:

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  2. im pretty sure thats not lemon kush cause i just got a quarter of that shit yesterday and it looks nothing like it. and it smelled like skunk and tasted exactley like fucking lemons.the kind i got is super fucking dense like rocks
  3. Not all Lemon Kush looks the same. That's maniacal!

    All Purple Kush is not purple!

    Nice buds!
  4. haha thanks phased, yeah nd typically christian is dank, good bud is (typically) fluffy not dense, real dense bud is typically canadian beasters or something of the sort, sry my kush isnt as good as yours, but also my pics give it no justice i had no lighting at the time aside an incandescent bulb
  5. The Lemon Kush I picked-up once smelled like that too. Looks good my friend :smoking:
  6. i was reading in the cannabible one time and i remember seeing a strain that was called catpiss.

    the cat piss, is a sativa, 8 to9 weeks, yield is mod, typ of high is head high, some body, similar to trainwreck, sent/tatse is pungent,menthol, it is a realative of trainwreck.
  7. have fun with that!
  8. thanks guys, ne of you know how to get the macro to focus more on the center nd not on the edges, cuz as you can see the edges are way more defined, do i need to move the camera back, or just get more light?
  9. My link-up to 420 dried up and I have a proposition.
  10. where r u fairfield county? bridgeport? if it was real deal from cali it would probably be very expensive...
  11. near new orleans, and it was 350/z i WANT more... spoiled now, any ideas? to get it local 500/z but it is hard hard to hook up
  12. Yeah its legit, im in New Haven area, i drive pretty good distance to get it nd yes its real expensive th most expensive i can get, the kid has other strains too jack herrer and NL, but i wanted this, it smelled nd looked the best to me, it was 500 a zip though, i didnt wanna say at first cuz i knew id get blasted about it from all the "i get that for .65$ a zip" people

    I mean it might not be the real stuff but im absolutly ripped, look at the top pick on the lil nug top right, the thing looks like a solid trichome, its rediculous
  13. looks great, i usually get schwag and i make cookies and man u get backed in like 3 cookies.
  14. Stfu. Strains have different phenotypes so don't come on this thread actin' like you're the shit.

  15. you can get smashed quick on cookies
  16. Nvr made cookies, what do you do, make cannabutter then use that where you would use normal butter in the recipe?
  17. Looks good to me. I got some a while ago and looked same. Very dense? Kind of yellowish?
  18. Id say its denser than the usual headies i get, nd yes its quite out now though nd am picking up a zip of some KB soon ill make a new thread for that though
  19. looks pretty dank, i'd love to blaze that nugget :smoke:

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