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Discussion in 'General' started by c0nrath, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. My friend Donovan told me that this passed weekend he had smoked this weed called "Lemon G". He said his heart was pounding, he stomach was "bumping" and moving and then he started freaking out. He thought it was laced with something. Do any of you guys know about this weed or even heard of it?
  2. yeah it was probably laced with lemon juice

    that shit is pretty harsh and unforgiving
  3. Will people ever realize that weed does that to you, and that it's practically never laced with something.

    He just had a bad high, it can happen to anyone with any kind of bud.

    Lemon G is very real. I'm in a college town in Southeastern Ohio and around the spring/summer we start Getting Lemon G/Lemon G13, either name. It's bomb dank.

    So TC, do you live in Athens by any chance?
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    Why is it harsh and unforgiving?

  6. Ah, well from what I've been tell, Leomon G(13) is mainly an Ohio/tri-state area thing
  7. Sounds like your friend experienced a cannabis-induced anxiety attack. A lot of other stress factors in life contribute greatly to this.

    Probably means it was strong, well grown herb, but you shouldn't expect the same kind of experience.

  8. Yeah, I just did a little research from a google search (which I should of done prior to me making this thread) and found out it was pretty much only from Ohio.

  9. LOL are you serious?

    just i was joking

    my bad i forgot

  10. yeah i've googled it before and basically i just find threads like this

    someone from Ohio asking about it, a few people reply who haven't heard of it, then someone else from Ohio confirms it, lol
  11. I've heard of lemon g being around in upstate new york but i haven't seen it
  12. I agree. It was most definitely laced with THC.
  13. Jesus christ fucking GENERAL is the new REC USE

    get this shit outta here plz, i don't come in here to read about the pot some kid tripped out on.

    I come in here to berate others and amuse myself with internet content.
  14. Lemon G originates from Montana.
    The "Lemon" refers to yellow methamphetamine that is sprinkled over the weed.
    Lemon G is meth.
    Your friend smoked meth.
  15. Damn, dude. If this is true, than I retract my previous statement. :eek:

  16. It was more of a thread about a question asking wheather Lemon G was real or not; not about my friend "tripping" on some pot.
  17. Lemon G(Garbage) From Ohio and the reason Lemon G is only in ohio is because it is Garbage. Too Harsh Too dry and unproperly trimed. If your gonna try to sell garbage at top price at least learn how to trim the shit.
    p.s. if your friend can't handle lemon garbage he probably shouldn't be smoking. You chrontard. look it up urban dictionary

  18. Yeah right u was smokin that Bobby Brown..
  19. Im not a hater im just trying to perpetuate the truth
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