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lemon and white rhino

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by nugs man, May 25, 2010.

  1. white rhino. It's stringy and is a heavy indica.

    Lemon.... it's dense and feels more like a sativa.
  2. oh yeah and the lemon smoke tastes just like a lemon. its delicious. :smoke:
  3. Nice looking buds. What kind of lemon is it? If I recall correctly it looks like some lemon kush I had a while back.
  4. i think you have your indicas and sativa mixed up. indica is usually dense and chunky, while sativas are long and stringy.
  5. white rhino is a sativa dominant hybrid.
  6. that lemon looks good
  7. you gotta M3? you on any of the forums? i gotta e46 m3.

  8. yep yep

    bf.c and

    same name

    havent posted in awhile though.
  9. Yea i was almost positive white rhino was sativa dominant. Anyhow nice buds man, just from looks id say LK but ya gotta smoke it to know for sure, i just love the do nothing feeling of kush on occasion real great relaxing strain.

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