Lemierre's disease and my crazy past 2 weeks

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    Ok so I get back to school on Monday January 26th, Im feelin good but that first tuesday I begin to get some pain in my neck mainly stiffness, but I bought some advil and brushed it off. Then on Wednesday night I smoked smoke weed, a HORRIBLE headache came about and my neck became so stiff I couldnt move. I get to the hospital Weds night, after waiting around they injected me with Diladud (amazing wow the body high.... wow id done Hydromorphone before but when they injected me with it hit me like a ton of bricks of goodness). So due to the stiff neck they assume its meningitis and give me a MRI CTscan and a spinal tap(this was the worst, spinal tabs are horrid and hurt). They say its pulled muscle and send me home with some percs, and some valium. Im not happy because im still in pain, but w/e i Hvae percs so im good.

    The next week is a blur as I was on percs and valium 90% of the time. I remember smoking once and it brought the headache back which wasnt fun. So i head to hospital again on the next thursday, im still in pain and the percs arent helping me. They do a whole series of tests and have come to realize I have http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lemierre's_syndrome

    I mean WTF how do I get stuck with a disease that has only had 160 cases in the past 100 years.

    Now iv been in the hospital since last thursday, on constant IV antibiotics to make sure the bacteria is gone 100%. Im gonna go home today or tom they fucked up my picc line guy didnt like insert tube right into me again wtf (the picc line is like a semi permanent IV so an at home visiting can give me antibiotics for the next 2 weeks) gonna suck having to make up all the work. And my mom hid the rest of the valium and percs when she learned that I didnt have a pulled muscle and the pills wouldnt help me. As soon as im back im finding them.

    I havent smoked weed since last sunday. I feel the same, it feels good to see what my brain is like w/o THC in it. No real difference... so yea im just wondering when I will smoke again, I might go off smoking another 2 weeks.... but another part of me is like im gonna b so fucking bored at home next 2 weeks.

    well yea thats alll felt good 2 get it out.

    also if any1 has ever had this before post your experiences.

    haha notice the shitty half grown in beard and, the many needle holes in my arm from all the times they had to take blood. I look like a dope addict haha.

    Also you can see the picc line coming out from my upper arm, You cant really feel the tube in you.... but its weird knowing its there

    EDIT: fuckkkkk they are gonna have to do 1 more MRI and I wont get out till tom. 1 more shitty night here. last night for 2 hours at like 3 AM this spanish lady would not stop yelling ay dios mio and then cursing in spanish

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  2. Damn i feel for you man, what are the chances of you getting such a rare disease? Crazy...

    But if i were you right now, not able to really smoke, id go and find those pills your mom hid asap ;)
  3. i'm sorry man. please get well soon
  4. Sorry, that is some terrible luck, hope you get better soon. Being a pre-med student, I'm always curious about rare diseases; did they tell you anything about after your hospital stay, in terms of smoking or lung care, considering symptoms can manifest in the lungs?
  5. At least its bacterial, so you should be fine, minus this setback. Take it easy. Hope you feel better.
  6. I read that wiki article and it said that because antibiotic treatment it was 90% mortality, damn

  7. thanks man

    yea the picc line fucked up last night. but it works now. i really wanna go home today
  8. Damn GDP, sucks to see one of our finer blades all fucked up. Get well soon my man. Oh, and i'd defiantly be trying to get those percs back on the ASAP.
  9. well good and bad news

    I wil have to be in the hospital till friday, hopefully tom I might be able to get out tom.

    The good news is the doc said smoking weed wouldnt cause any problems, which has me glad cause last time I smoked it brought the headache back.
  10. +rep for being a man and straight up asking if you can smoke haha
  11. What are you talking about?

    "The mortality rate was 90% prior to antibiotic therapy but is now generally quoted as 15% with proper medical treatment, although one series of cases reported mortality as low as 6.4%."
  12. because = before, typo my bad

  13. haha ty man

    I was just like straight up

    when can I smoke weed again?
  14. Damn dude, thats horrible...
    Get well soon, and find those pills:D
  15. Hey good luck man!!!! ill toke in your honor tonight...:smoke:
  16. home

    thank god
  17. Awesome.

    Im in the act of toking a bowl to your health!

    Getter better friend.

  18. gonna smoke later for the first time in almost 2 weeks. looking foward 2 this.

    sitting at home bored atm.

    at home nurse is here penecillilin is being pumpe into me for 10 mins through the picc line. bored. at home nurse is here

    lol shes like u do drugs

    haha im like

    smoke weed:D
  19. that sucks man. Hope your feelin better
  20. glad to hear everythings alright gdp, that spanish lady sounds like hell lol

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