Lego Games They Should Make?

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  1. I already made this thread and accidently deleted it...(exited out of the window on accident), so, long story short:
    They already have Lego star wars, harry potter, and lord of the rings(plus, many more), but what other Lego video games should be made to portray movie sagas?
    - Lego 007
    - Lego Chronicles of Narnia
    - Lego Matrix
    - Lego Jurassic Park
    - Lego Back to the Future
    - Lego Austin Powers(I don't see them ever doing it, but they could make it work with some tweaks)
    - Lego Godfather
    - Lego The Mummy
    - Lego Planet of the Apes
    - Lego Shrek
    - Lego Spiderman 
    - Lego Superman
    - Lego Star Trek(I don't exactly WANT a lego star trek, but it's just bound to happen)
    - Lego X Men
    - Lego Terminator 
    What about you guys?

  2. Lego Jurassic park would be fucking amazing
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    Lego anything is amazing. Blaze up, pop in a lego game(I suggest one of the Lego Harry Potters)and play in awe! When your stoned, the games are much better, because I love getting high, playing lego games, and busting open almost literally everything around you and hearing all of those beautiful lego pieces being collected, and then spending them on cool in-game shit.
    If you have a decent computer, you should give some of the games a try when your faded, my friend introduced me to the series stoned, I didn't think I would enjoy it, but here we are now. 
    You know what else would be an awesome Lego game? Lego, I joke..
  4. Lego final fantasy would be cool.
  5. Lego John holmes LMAO
    For you kids, John Homes was a porn star with a 12 inch wang back in the 70's
    Perhaps, Bionicle John Holmes?
  7. A friend of mine is a (recently) former employee of a Lego Retail store...He claims LEGO needs to form licensing contracts to make games (ex. Star Wars). Many sets, mini figures, themes and games haven't been made because LEGO deems it too violent. They are barely now allowing guns as mini figure accessories but the guns are not modern ones. 

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