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  1. ok, trying to figure out the coolest way to make a lego bong, i want all the peices to match and i want it to atleast hit 2 ft., suggestions, ideas?
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    im sorry seeing you only joined in december i guess you don't know how things tend to work around here. Even if his post may be located wrong we try not to be forum nazi assholes{cough}. :D

    also in no way does his topic elude the fact he is an experienced toker and neither does your post but forum friendliness is an important thing here that i feel the blades on grasscity would rather enforce then proper posting location

    on another note the posters topic is actually quite interesting and has more to it than 90% of the post i see here. Thank you for posting it because as what i would call ym a seasoned toker/lego lover i actually would like to here more on the "lego bong" topic.

    has anyone ever done/hear of a successful lego bong? im assuming a sealing agent would need to be applied to make it waterproof but sounds like fun. if you got serious you might even be able to pull off a dome perculator in the tube.

    edit: dude im so high i didnt mean to double post lol. the forum like locked up on me when i went to post and i didnt think it posted at all
  3. double post much?

    for the bong idk but don't use mega bloks because mega bloks suck
  4. a buddy of mine made one. it ripped beast. he just used all different kinds of regular bricks and super glue
  5. hahah I love how weed makes a Macgyver out of almost anybody. Anyways, if you have a Lego store near you, I would make that my first stop, if not check out their website for inividual pieces that you want. They actually have some pieces that I never saw as a child.
  6. Probably be easier to build a case of legos around the actual piece. If you build it out of legos completely, you will be leaving large square holes for the bowl and carb that will be a bitch to seal.
  7. I'll bet my own bong for this to fail
  8. It seems like it would be really hard & time consuming, but definately worth it at the end cause you would be one of the only people that can say you have a lego bong.
    If you do this, you should try to find clear legos. idk if they make them but it would be awesome cause then you could take milk shots & post them on GC =]
  9. I might make one and post pics if i do, although i wouldn't recommend anyone buying lego for this reason because its stupidly expensive.
  10. you would indeffinatly need glue. lego isnt airtight, and even if it was i doubt it wouldn't be stong enough to be picked up unless you always grabbed it from under the water.

    my buddy cracked his bong one time and dipped the cracked part in liquid silicone or some shit...i dunno but it made it air tight. if you have access to a big vat of liquid silicone, there ya go lol
  11. sound fuckin awsome

    expesially the perc idea

    but it would be hard to make a circular downstem fit a square hole haha some jummi sealin but then u would need an extra downstem fo rthe bong
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    i'm glad u said that, cuz now i believe i'll have to take u up on that bet.....buahahaha:hello:

    i was thinking what i would do, is make it completely sealed, then drill a whole for the stim. i figured the top would be fine being square i'll just make the top thinner to fit the mouth. yes i already have the sealent, its really a matter of just getting started. i plan on building it first, taking a picture, then taking it apart, to start the slow process of sealing it. when thats over i'll drill the holes, and then buy the glass to fit the bowl. then it should be done, anyone got any color scheme ideas, or shape ideas?
  13. I wasn't being an ass, I was simply trying to refer him to a different part of the site where he might get better advice, no need to get all angry about it. :D
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    use a digital lego designer man, i think it can be done

    like some guy up there already said, make sure you seal the bricks really well with super glue or something. make it entirely out of those clear bricks, that would be siiiick.

    it'll probably have to be with a carb though unless you can figure out a way to put a bowl in a square hole without gum or something like that =\
  15. actually dude, gum, gave me an idea. after all this advice i'm getting, i think i'll really be able to make like an epic bong!
  16. God damn I'm so excited about this. I want to build one.
  17. i have made one before and a bubbler for that matter you just have to super glue the bricks in because air and water will go through all the cracks

    It is more work than it would seem lol

    In the end you got a pretty awesome piece though
  18. post pics if you ever do it

    idk why im so excited about this haha
  19. this thread is worthless without pics lol!

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