leglize marijuana

Discussion in 'General' started by staticeffect, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. This has been posted so many times in every section there is on Grasscity.

    Follow the rules.
  2. well if people would vote we wouldnt have to post it so much
  3. agreed.
  4. What are you kidding me?

    What makes you think they havn't already?

    If theres one thing that i've learnt from the war on drugs is that telling somebody to do (or not to do) something won't make a difference at all.
  5. ahh but the joys of democracy include the people's voice being heard

  6. well the fact that theres 149,116 members on this forum and only 1650 signature is kinda tellin me not alot of people here are signing.

    and wont make a difference? obama had the website made to make this democracy ours again, hes letting us make the decisions finally (which is what democracy is supposed to be anyway)
  7. lol @ voting. you don't beat the devil by playing by his own rules
  8. then why did we beat the DEA raids?
  9. Look at the stats, of those 149116 members, only 36% have ever posted, and then you get the 100's of diff. petitions in every thread, i cant sign them all
  10. but still that would leave us with roughly 53682 members who have posted.

    and yeah im not gonna argue about the hundreds of other petitions posted but like this is pretty much slapping us in the face saying "sign and it will be legal"

    i just dont understand the harm in trying ya know?
  11. are you sure youre not thinking of the one to stop the DEA raids? this one is to stop prohibition, im pretty sure it started not too long ago

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