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Legitly High or Contact High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xditsme, Sep 12, 2009.

  1. Well today I toked with a few friends and it seems like I did get faded, or I assume. After taking a few hits I felt way more laid back and lethargic, but I wasn't "gone" I didn't really feel a lot different. Everything seemed funny, but that was because my friends were laughing, also a sandwich I ate tasted like the best fucking thing ever.

    Anyway, is this a contact high or a legit high?
  2. well if you smoked then it's legit...
  3. Well I would only ask before the first two times I've toked (this would be the third time) I felt no buzz, nothing, and today was the first time with friends so I was wondering if it was contact.
  4. there is a better chance of it being legit rather than contact

    also are you smoking correctly? (pulling the smoke into your lungs, not your mouth)

    not doubting you, just tryin to help

    and congrats on the first high
  5. Since we used a pipe, I held it, covered the carb, held the lighter, sucked in, let go of the carb, held it in and blew it out.

    I actually need to know how to smoke better.
  6. well there isn't that much too it...

    breathe deep
    seek peace

    hold your hits for 3-5 seconds (anyone feel free to correct me if i'm wrong), that's all the THC you're gonna get.
  7. this^

    just make sure ur taking a breath that gets it to the lungs... tht was my mistake when first smoking, not inhaling...

    happy toking:smoke:
  8. it takes a couple times (2-3) smoking before you actually feel it to where you notice it. its weird but it just works like that... unless of course you smoke an ungodly amount, then no matter what your experience youre pretty much gone.
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    I've been meaning to address this for a while. What do people generally mean when they say contact high?

    If you mean the term literally and think you can get high from being in contact with people who are.... that's impossible. I suppose you could have a placebo high because everyone around you is stoned... but that seems sort of unlikely to me.

    You could potentially get high from being in a vehicle while it is hotboxed even if you don't take a hit. If you inhale THC-containing smoke you will get high... and it will be no different from smoking... so what's the point of the phrase "contact high"?

    If someone has some other meaning please do tell.
  10. Yeh some people don't get high their first time, it might be because you are not inhaling correctly.

    This is what i tell all my friends the first time they smoke, fill you lungs up like 40% then let go of the carb, breath in another 40% and with your last breath of air open your mouth wide and draw in a lot of air really fast (like your gasping for air after you went swimming or something) this makes sure all of the smoke gets pushed down into your lungs, also hold hit in for like 8 seconds. Do this and it is almost a guaranteed high.

    You will most likely cough up a lung because you are not sued to having smoke in your lungs but it will get better as you go.

    Have fun!!
  11. being WAY TO stoned is over rated.

    id rather be able to hold a convo :smoke:
  12. This ^^^ :hello:
  13. unless you smoke a shit ton your first time your not going to get much more than maybe the propensity to smile at people a little more than normal, it took me till my second time till i got fucked, but i know other people who it had taken longer, probably because they werent inhaling right.

    pull deep, hold 3-5 and chill.
  14. i've been smoking like 4 years now, just about everyday. when i smoke i do the 40/40/20 as well. take a good hit with the carb covered, then release carb and breath in, (releasing the carb allows air through the pipe, which will cool the smoke as well) then open your mouth and get a good blast of air to shoot the smoke down your windpipe. the longer you hold it, the more the smoke expands, as well as the capilaries of your lungs, allowing more thc to enter your system. but anyways i've always though a contact high was from inhaling second hand pot smoke, and getting a buzz without actually hitting a pipe. like stated above, if you breath in smoke with thc in it you will feel different!
  15. By contact high, do you mean a placebo effect?

    If you inhaled marijuana smoke directly from a pipe, you were probably high.
  16. 3-5 seconds is just when your absorbtion peaks
    the longer u hold it in the better tho
    and its always funner smoking with people if you got high, you got high dont question the herb. lol
  17. False.
  18. with friends I tend not to feel high unless I smoke a whole joint to the face, or like 3 bowls.

    I stay social and watch tv and usually don't feel much. Try toking solo and sitting in your car

    listening to you fave music, youll feel it.

  19. The bolded is what I always thought a 'contact high' being in a room or something with people who are smoking while you are not...breathing the air in the room while not actually hitting the joint, pipe, or whatever, gets you a 'contact buzz' :confused_2:

    We had a friend we used to do this to and he would bitch like crazy....he didn't smoke, but we would give him a ride home or wherever, and we would make him sit in the middle (we had a pickup), and we would smoke passing it back and forth across him...when we would get to our destination, he would always whine about it..."You sons a bitches gave me a contact buzz...Damn you!" LOL
  20. Who complains about getting buzzed off someone else's marijuana for FREE!? :p

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