Legit Theory? Or just one big hoax.

Discussion in 'General' started by Smithnpeek, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. I was thinking, as probably many of you have wondered. What's to stop the police from looking at this website and finding out where pot is coming from. Although Im not sure how many people who grow sell , though im sure some do.

    Also, could it just be that it's a waste of time? Against the law? Or just too hard/large-scale to accomplish?

    Sorry if this is posted somewhere else.

  2. If you aren't posting specific information, you should be fine. It would be very hard for the police to track anybody otherwise and I'm pretty sure they would have to have access to the forum's server. This is highly unlikely since grasscity is run from Europe.
  3. Yep, the D.O.D. only really monitors hacking attempts into vital mainframes, like power grids and other things...I believe the only way for them to obtain the kind of information legally is to get an international sanction of some sort, and I don't see that happening anytime soon.

    Edit- And why the hell would someone even want to sell h/g weed? Especially blueberry...mm! Yea, some folk might see the use for money out of it, but I enjoy my smoke too much to, ever, ever sell anything that I get my hands on.
  4. nothing illegal goes on at grasscity, and it's based in the netherlands, so there's nothin to worry about :)
  5. argh, now there's one........what would happen in America, if you had 2 weeks holiday, and went to Amsterdam........you smoked weed, and quite rightly so, as your well within your rights to as it's allowed.........and then you go back to work, and prove positive for a THC test.........would they be allowed to fire you?.......Peace out...........Sid
  6. tell em you only smoke there cause its not illegal and show em the ticket. little white lie...
  7. I fail to see the security in this website being based in the Netherlands when so many of the users are from the states....
  8. If they trace IP's to the US, then this site being located in the netherlands doesn't protect you. But unless you're growing and selling pot in bulk, it is too costly and involve more effort than its worth to track down people for small posession charges.
  9. Personally i think the police would be rather pathetic to go thru the trouble of scanning a website to bust a couple of harmless pot smokers. There are far worse crimes and more important matters to handle, like murder and rape.
  10. doesnt matter, what would they arrest you for? looking at forums that say marijuana?

    freedom of speech, press, blah blah blah. Even you saying you had weed wouldnt be enough to get a search warrant i dont think. For all they know were all just talking shit to look cool.
  11. but to get the IP's they'd have to have a warrant, but since the Netherlands is obviously not in the US, I don't think a simple warrant would do it. The Netherlands would have to agree to allow the US to seize that info. Even then, it's not incredibly easy to figure out who someone is by their IP, especially with the number of people on dialup who operate in a gigantic IP pool.
  12. I move 50 pounders i ain't scurrred whatch them try and catch me . . .

    lol j/p
  13. yeah and im the worlds largest drug dealer I got everything.

    I aint been busted. But seriously you answerd your question.
  14. didt read all so forgive me if this has been posted,

    but they cant pay attention as for all they know were all a bunch of ppl pretending we do it to look cool.

    or its just a big joke to lead them on(i didnt give it away did i?)

    so they cant rely on any info here.
  15. It doesnt matter.... Companies who drug test have a "Drug free" policy, legal or not...

  16. You could quite possibly get fired since it is illegal in Amsterdam, as we all know they just turn a blind eye. So no matter what, unless you are medical, I could see your job being in jeopardy.

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