Legit Acid?

Discussion in 'General' started by Arnack, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. I've been searching for acid for a long time now, and I finally found someone who SAYS they can get me some acid (2 people actually). One thought I was talking about crack at first (when I said acid), but he says now he understands what I'm saying. He tells me it is 10$ p/ hit. The other guy knows what I'm talking about, but he says 30$ a hit. What do you guys think?
  2. im paying 10 bucks a hit for the stuff im supposedly coming into
  3. Ah, well I don't know how the prices roll in my town, all I know is that it's hard to get drugs here.
  4. 10 sounds like the real price. But the 30 guy sounds more legit.
  5. Yeah, I know, exactly what I was thinking. Guess I'll see tomorrow.
  6. Personally, I would never pay more than 10 dollars a hit on acid. It just isn't something that costs a lot to produce. Since the first guy thought you meant crack, naturally the second sounds more legit, but I just do not recommend paying 30 dollars for one acid trip.
  7. And does 1 even do it? I hear that 2 would get you a normal "trip"
  8. It all depends on how much is in the hit (it depends)

    I knew a guy in eastern OH that would sell 100 hits for a dollar a piece, but he also was the one who was making the sheets.

    I have had hits (from him) where one would be ridiculously strong, then I've had times where 5 blotters were less strong than one of his.

    It is best to ask someone who has tried it, otherwise you don't really know.
  9. Thanks for the help ^^
  10. there is some fake shit that goes around, so watch out.
  11. Aight, thanks for the heads up. Do you know how you can tell it's legit?
  12. Cid grows under a black light....so if you hold it under one, itll glow.

    That doesnt nessesarily mean its pure though. You never know what chemicals are in there other than the cid itself. Just try and be careful.

    Have a nice trip:hello:
  13. Also a lot of "cid" these days are research chemicals instead.. like 2c's and 2b's.. but they still make for a pretty damn good experience.

    I wouldnt worry about it being bunk really..

    dont pay 30$ for a hit, that is rediculous.

    but 10$ is def worth the chance, and even if it isnt L.. its probably something that produces similar affects.
  14. for real? i've never heard this. don't most things glow under a black light? hmm
  15. saturday i took 3 $8 hits of white on white which was the funk. at one point i got a little too spun out but i found myself eventually.
  16. ALOT or MOST acid is fake completely or LSA instead of LSD.... Which will make you trip similar..

    a friend of mine was getting hits for $15 and now pays $7
  17. 10/hit is pretty standard, from what I've observed.

    30/hit better make you trip balls off one hit.

    I'd buy the 30/hit stuff just because it might actually be worth the price.
  18. trying to rip ya off duder. going for $5 in Portland
  19. I'd never pay more than $10 for acid, and it had better be 1-hitter-tripper shit for that price. It's not common around here anymore, but was for a good while. Used to be able to get sheets for 2-3 bills.

    In most cases 1 won't be enough, so don't shell out $30 for something that's most likely not worth it.
  20. Damn, thats expensive. I had a connect who was selling for $10 a hit for a while and it was good acid, but then I found a better guy who didn't really have a set price. I'd hand him however much cash I had to buy with (usually around $100-$200) and he'd hand me what he thought was a good amount (usually 50-100 hits).

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