Legalizing Marijuana Reduces Suicides And Traffic Fatalities

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by budjones, May 31, 2013.

       States in the U.S. which have legalized medical marijuana saw a significant decrease in overall suicides – 5% in total. The drop was even higher among young adults aged 20 to 29, with an 11% decrease in overall suicides (the increase adds validity to the statistics, as individuals in that age group use cannabis at a considerably higher rate than the average person).
        States which have legalized medical marijuana have seen a 9% reduction in traffic fatalities, indicating that one out of every eleven traffic deaths can be avoided if medical marijuana is legalized.
        Researchers associate the connection with a significant decrease in alcohol consumption, which is validated by their findings which show there to be a 14% decrease in car crashes where one of the drivers had consumed alcohol, in states where medical marijuana had been legalized.


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