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Legalized American Style

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Oct 24, 2001.

  1. I'm sitting here waiting for the Mrs. to come home and had a scary thought. What if the weed was legalized in the USA? What would happen to the American Society? How would the nonsmoker community welcome the herb into the mainstream? This scenario came to mind and it scares the living shit out of me.

    As Americans, we are the greediest bastards on the earth. Some guy somewhere will realize that there is no money in providing weed to existing smokers. They are too smart/experienced and will want really good stuff. Hell, they will probably grow their own or form growing co-operatives. No, the money in legalized weed is to introduce it to the general mainstream. (THIS is the SCARY part) Now how would you go about introducing the weed to the general public but not come across as the "evil" big tobacco tactics?

    The answer lies in Beer.

    BEER, what the fuck are you talking about?


    Beer has been mainstreamed as a "family" enjoyment through the "microbrewery" industry. That is how the herb will be mainstreamed in the USA. Some people will attempt to introduce the dutch coffeeshop experience, but that won't work in the average American community of malls and surbibia. Microgroweries will spread across the USA setting up shops outside every mall like Applebees restaurant.
  2. did someone say...employment oppertunities! :)
    that might make ya smile when you consider who just might be considered professionals
  3. Just another ramble from a fried old fuckers club. Where do these strange ideas come from in my head and why does a mid-week indulgence of the herb bring them out?

    But to finish my thought from last night (because Momma came home in the middle of my diatribe and wanted me to head off to the bedroom). The "microgrowery" way of selling the herb totally terrifies me. I despise 95% of the microbreweries in the USA. They sell horrible food that is way overpriced. They only sell 4 or 5 kinds of beer that they make, and if you ask one of their inept and stupid waitresses, they will refer their homemade beer to either miller lite, bud lite, sam adams stout, or red dog. I enjoy beer but not the swill that is consumed by the majority of Americans. And I refuse to go to chain restaurants such as Applebees, Chilis, Ruby Tuesdays, Bennigans, etc. They provide too large a portion of crappy food that is overpriced.

    I would hate to see the herb, the most glorious creation of God, degraded into a "fast-food" product. just the idea of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Smith of Grand Rapids spending the afternoon at the mall and then eating dinner at "The Grand Rapids Dutch Shop", chomping down on a meal of super-sized deep fried animal flesh and potatoes, and then they place their greasy lips on a machine processed joint of sterilized, industrial weed for dessert makes me want to puke.

    I just don't want America to legalize the herb into a "fern and brass" yuppie hangout scenario. I respect it too much to want to see the general American population direspect it.

    Sorry for the ramble, but someone told me I hadn't posted one of my good ramblings in a while.
  4. One more thing about the "microgrowery" theme for Highawatha. Waitress jobs there would probably suck because they would more than likely drug test employees, Only in America would you find drug testing at a coffeeshop.
  5. your right... they'd then have to advertise to the young smokers because anyhody with a yard would grow their own.
    then again ive heard there are people that pay starbucks prices for a cup of java.
    p.s. im still thinking about where these things come from that pop into your head. ill let you know ;)
    i just remembered the waitress thing,....i didnt mean ME work....lawdy no! hehe
    peace again
  6. Even if it is turned into a McDope type venture; that's ok.

    At least we won't be spoon fed that trash that we are now regarding marijuana information.

    Even if they are smoking sterile junk shit. At least they'll get the thought out if their heads that marijuana will ruin peoples' lives.

    Let them smoke the bad shit if they want. I'll go to Red Budster... they can smoke at McDope.

  7. The average american will need some Mcdope to start out on like us old burners did on mexican when we started. I made the mistake of taking a "newbie" to Adam last year-she sure was pretty but that dutch moonshine made her crazy as shit. The unexperianced need to be brought in slow and easy. otherwise they'll get too hi , never try again and the sweet bud will remain the mystery it is to most.
  8. rael just may be onto somthing there....the firsttime i smoked with my husband i got really high.... really,really high and VERY paranoid. id smoked before a "few" hehe times but nothing of any quality. the funny part was that what we just talked about it..."remember when"... an all that....and i told him had we broke up i wulda been SHURE that he'd laced that joint with somthing, many,many,many years later i know him well and know he'd never mess with anyone, or his weed like that...(we like our other drugs seperate ;) ).....he was surprised to hear this
  9. ok, what about a gar and grill that serves bbq, buds, beer, and babes. HOOKAS!
  10. I'm not sure that if marijuana was legalized there would be McDope's... Remember there are people out there who still believe that it is an evil thing and it is an immoral drug. Just because the lawmakers legalize it doesn't mean all of a sudden all of society will be wanting a hit of weed inthe morning instead of their double espresso...

    I am all for the decriminalization and legalization of marijuana, and think it will be regulated very strictly if legalized. Phishhead is a medical patient, and where he goes he describes as a very mellow, chill place where you get to spend time picking out your weed - and there is low grade, and "5 star" weed you can choose from (all different levels). You can smell it, look at it under a light and pick which bag you want out of the lot. They also sell herb foods like brownies and cookies, and seeds, clones, etc. The people there are all patients themselves so they're very nice and laid-back. I don't have a caregiver's card at the moment so I can't go in - but he always takes forever because he ends up striking conversations with other patients and/or the employees there.

    It's DEFINITELY not run like a fast food joint or a yuppie bar. But who knows, it could be the future, but not for a long time. I think marijuana is a little different from beer, food or specialty coffee in that it isn't something I see becoming a "trendy" thing amongst yuppies.
    Besides how long did it take for these trendy yuppie-like microbreweries to pop up since the Prohibition was lifted in the early 1900s? Decades. So I don't think we have much to worry about.
    If anything, I think we'd see coffee shops like the Bullhead in Downtown Oakland sprout up, OK maybe "yuppie" types would go there but you can't say Marijuana is only for a certain type of person! :) I don't think the current Senate will do much to push forward in this struggle.
    Can't hurt to try though! :) :)
  11. Cheech & Chong's "Nice Dreams". Chong's saying something about weed being legal soon. So all the rich business dudes are gonna be paying good money for people to hook them up with the real stuff, roll joints for them, show them the good stimuli for a high state. The experienced smoker-grower will become the "in" thing to have! Fuckin A! Who need's social security? I'm gonna be BIG baby!:):);)

    If it came to the microgrowery deal, you're not giving the people who would be running these much credit El Poppa de Big De Big! Hell, I'd jump on it in a minute! I could see it now, Okie Smokatorium. Live music, all kinds, just cause live music is better. Plenty of cotton mouth killers in the beverage dept. Effectual lighting, candles, rugs, cheap sunglasses, and of course, bongos. Just for stereotypical purposes. No nicotine allowed inside, (yeh, I'm quittin them nasty bitches) only doobies, bongs, bubblers, a community hookah featuring our grower of the month. Some of the pics I've seen on this site, y'all will be contacted, should this come to pass!

    But then again, would pot be the same if you did'nt have to be so sneaky about it? Hmmmmmmmmm...........
  12. This has been a good thread that has stimulated some very good ideas. My thought process on this thread was "how would greedy American capital venturists try to exploit weed to make a quick buck".

    I think that if legalised, very mellow, cool coffeeshops would pop up throughout the country to service the existing smokers who want to come out of hiding and enjoy their lifestyle without fear. Also people who are interrested in the herb could finally experiment without the fear of arrest.

    But, I believe that some greedy bastard will exploit the herb for profit and cater a cheap, mass merchandised version to the mainstream. Maybe the microbrewery wasn't the best example, I think Starbucks coffeshops would be a better example. Starbucks took the cool, mellow coffeeshop image and it spread throughout the country like a plague. This is what I fear would happen to the herb if it is controlled by greed rather than appreciation.

    With more thought on it, if legalization happens it will be by the Supreme Court ruling that it is a States' choice on how to regulate it rather than a Federal duty to regulate. Some States will adapt regulations concerning the herb. Other states will never adopt legalized weed. Similiar to legalized gambling. If you live in area of the country that allows weed, you're home free. If you live in other areas, you can just take vacations or short trips to enjoy the herb. For example, I can't gamble where I live, but I do get away from time to time to Biloxi or New Orleans to gamble and live it up.

  13. So I am glad to see that the thread has started, but I am afraid that the Idea that it could happen is missed by everyone.
    I reacently with better spelling I assure you asked prez. G.W.B. to leagalize it. Well unfortanatly I am not a congressman so I was no help to the cauze. I did start to think that I havent seen anyone on the news trying to show how leaglizing it could help the U.S.A. out. sure there is the same old shit going on, but no real outpore. I mean come on people get to it. Where is NORMAL I thought they would show the stats on how much tax could be brought in or maby how easy it was to convert to gas. I mean shit whats the deal is everyone to stoned to write their congressman? Has the people that we stand behind to do something to get this damn proahabition finished doing anything or are they not worth their mesure. I have the feeling that if we could get some real nice looking people that wanted the tax and profit to go to the war fund the gov. would listin.
    Write you congressman and do something.
  14. I think it could start as fastfood. Buy a pack of cencies at CVS, but after a while it would be grown by the real smokers and bought by the mass public like smokes. I would like to see a bar set up. I buy shit from diffrent farmers and diffrent kinds. to sell in a bar and I get taxed then like with lettuce. and you get tax when you buy it from me. Simple it could work. It works with alachol. Teas work that way too. It would be easy it is that no one will come up with a real plan to gine the gov. they are too hippy and crunchy to be taken seirously. We need to do it like a real CO. No more free trade. Make a buck.
  15. The Dutch Experiment has been going on for 30 years now, haven't been over there yet, but I've only heard of one "McDope" which is located near the german border. Throughout the rest of Netherlands I believe the coffeshop culture works fine, but someone who lives there could fill us out a bit.
  16. stml, :D..........................................still got stml :D
  17. I think maybe after a little while people would go to the bigger chains to buy shit for cheaper, but it probably wouldnt be as good of quality. So, after they smoke for a little while, theyll realize quality is better even if you pay more for less, its well worth it, and those little shops with the good smokes will be getting their shit.

    Cuz like, you know how you was in like middle school and you looked for whatever shit you could get for the 10 bucks your mom gave you, then as you smoked more and got older you realize quality rules, and start looking for the best bud you can get.
  18. McDope (lol).... i couldsee it now.."uhh could i get a weedbrownie and a large joint to go plz"...but anwyays i know a lot of "Yuppies" that be cool and all if it was leagal...but if it did go that main stream i can see how it could be badd...

    beer is go0d. im lil tippsy

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