Legalize pot, four former Vancouver mayors say

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    Legalize pot: Four former Vancouver mayors say marijuana prohibition failed | News | National Post
  2. I found the same story on They also have a poll going on whether or not Canada should legalize with an outstanding 87.34% for it. Granted, only a couple hundred people voted, but the majority have said yes. Maybe if they get more people's input it will give a clearer insight to what the people in this country truly want, not what Harper wants.

    "Freedom...Thats just some people talking" - Desperado, The Eagles
  3. So many different parts of canada are asking for it, yet stephen harper wont budge.

    The future of pot in canada will be really quite interesting in the next few months.

    As far as i know, medicinal laws are being forcefully rewritten, its being brought up in the court of justice that its unconstitutional to prevent us from smoking, and now b.c. - where gang violence is highest (i think) - is claiming its because of prohibition....

    Too bad it all goes against harpers new tough-on-crime bill, which will just increase costs, AND crime. the irony's laughable...
  4. At the time of my previous post there was only a couple hundred people who voted on this poll. Today, at the time of this email, there is over 12000 people for legalization vs 653 against. I just wanted to say wow. This poll has taken me by complete surprise. I emailed my local MP to show him this poll (since he,personally, responded to my last email regarding the omnibus crime bill with a bunch of numbers and basically a big "fuck you" from my view) and he had his secretary reply back to me, probably in an effort to avoid this issue and my concerns. Getting back to the crime bill, its all a bunch of BS. The real way to keep our communities safe and end gang violence is to end this failed war on drugs and legalize and regulate.
  5. damn rights

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