Legalize it.

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  1. I want to hear some good arguments to counter the statement. What are the pitfalls of a lassiez fair type society, and i stress the word "type". you can even just use cannabis as the example. what are the negatives?

    i want to hear from the buyers to the dealers, growers to police, judges and jury, you know your all on here.:wave:
  2. Dont legalize it its already legalized without all those bullshit prop 19 laws that are going to be made. ANYBODY can get a CANNABIS CARD or RECOMMENDATION EVEN IF YOU DONT NEED IT. DONT LEGALIZE IT.
  3. I'm having a really hard time finding "negatives". One would be the initial increase in smokers, but again that would 'even out' as time goes by. The second would be a lot of people lossing their jobs/income (cops, lawyers, etc.), but at the same time legalization will also provide a lot of new jobs and businesses. Some claim that MJ can make you sick, like skitzo/mindfucks but at the same time I am having a really hard time finding SOLID proof on that subject.

    I honestly can't see any proper negatives and even if there are any they will not under any circumstances be greater than that which coffein and alcohol produce.
  4. Not everyone lives in the states buddy, get over yourself.
  5. I can think of a few negatives.

    the only the matters being the amount of people gettin paid. maybe it works better the way it is.

    so then i add...What is it that even really sucks about it being illegal.

    the attached penalties?
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    Well, what sucks about it being illegal is: The Penalties, the mexican drug cartels, loss of personal liberty, loss of private property.

    I was responding to this last question, the one above me, and I accidentally typed legal not illegal.

  7. ? Dont you mean it being illegal. All those penalties are erased once it becomes legal.
  8. [ame=]YouTube - California dreaming of pot legalization[/ame]
  9. Not sure that animation is helping us any... It looks like something the opposition put out.
  10. google drug war for starters.

    economically disastrous
    tens of thousands of dead people DIRECTLY becouse of drug war.
    dude, arent the attached legal penalties bad enough?
    official corruption.
    poor medical research of prohibited drugs.
    big goverment
    brainwashing of population
    and on
    and on
    and on

    i wanna hear some of the few negatives of legalization...
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    I have heard that one of the chemical in cannabis dose exactly the opposite that is it stops you from getting crazy. But thera are not as many of those chemicals in the cannabis today becouse of the high THC levels and in some strains there is none of it left.

    The only bad thing I can think of now is that the big drug manufacturers will lose alot of money that they can use to make other drugs that mmj can not cure. But I am not 100% sure that this is so bad
  12. Expensive over priced herb.
    Profits for the cartels.
    Death for many.
    Loss of financial aid.
    Tax monies pissed away.

    Is that not enough to desire it be legal? :smoke:
  13. Tell me why cannabis should stay illegal?

    making it legal would stop some... really a lot, (not all, lets be realistic) drug cartels in Mexico
    In turn bringing violence down

    We saw the same thing when alcohol we re-legalized
    It took the motive (making money on the back market) away

    Tell me how many drug cartels are still pushing and selling alcohol?

    Regulating it plays into keep it away from the children...
    Any kid who wants it now, will get it no problem. That is already happening
    Legalizing cannabis will prevent underage kids from getting it
    But again realistically some children will still get it like they do w/ cigs and alcohol

    And it being illegal, makes people want to do it....
    I don't have a link now, because this is spontaneous, but, if you where too look it up;
    People in the Netherlands use cannabis less than people in America / Canada

    Just tell me why this practically harmless substance should stay illegal?
    The only reason I can come up with is, it benefits the people growing and selling it


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