Legalize in Oregon This Year!!!

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    For any of you Oregonian's out there that didn't know this. There is a petition going around to get legalization in Oregon on the ballot in 2010. That means if we get 82,000 signitures on this petition by July 2. Then we the people of the great state of Oregon will get to vote on legalization of Marijuana this year. Get out there and sign that petition. I am circulating them. Respond to me here and we will meet up for you to sign. You must be a registered Oregon voter. Let freedom ring here in Oregon this year. Let Freedom Ring!!!!!!

    here is the link for the petition
  2. Last i've heard, they only had roughly 8,000 signatures, I don't see how they could gather enough by July.
  3. If everyone gets up gets out and signs the petition it should be no problem. There are easily 80,000 registered voters between Portland and Eugene that want this to happen man. Be one of them get out there and sign the petition. Let your voice be counted. Let Freedom Ring in Oregon In 2010
  4. I think most oregon folks don't want this.I vote for despensaries.Time good growers get are chance to sale.Sorry thats the reallity of oregon WB
  5. The only people who don't want to see pot legal are people who have something to lose if it gets legalized.
  6. if you are a cannabis user from Oregon, and you don't want your state to legalize it, you sir are a damn fool, i would love to have the chance to legalize it in my state and stop ruining people's lifes over 3 grams of marijuana.

  7. We can have legalized marijuana and hemp in Oregon this year. If we don't get to vote on it this year, we will get to vote on it in 2012. The only difference is that California and Colorado probably will vote on it this year. And it's more than likely going to pass. The only heads that I know that aren't for this are the ones making too much money breaking a law that shouldn't be there. The facts are that when this law goes away, it's still us same people that have the ability from the get go to produce all the great herb in Oregon. We can boost our tourism business in Oregon this year by legalizing. Portland will be the next Amsterdam, hell it already is all we need is the legal tolerance. We already have the most abundant supply of the best weed growing in the world right here in Portland. The petitions are going around now. I'm circulating them and would be glad to meet up with anyone that is an Oregon voter and want to sign. We can have this in Oregon, and we can lead the way to true freedom in the USA.
  8. I would love to see this get on the November ballot but it just doesn't seem possible. We waited so long to get signatures that we only had 2 months before we hit our deadline. It really makes no sense at all the way Oregon approached this. In the first 3 days we only got 4,000 signatures and it will only get harder. so if 3 days = 4,000 signatures 2 months = 80,000 even if we assumed all of those signatures were valid we wouldn't hit the target. It is really sad that we are going to be left behind in this important movement while our neighbors in the north and south are going to be moving forward. If we thought the job market and economy is bad now what is going to happen when a large amount of our residents and profits migrate to the north and south.
  9. i sent 6 sigs in.. hope we make it..
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    found out why it took so long...

    The Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA) campaign learned today that the Oregon Supreme Court dismissed the only challenge to the OCTA ballot title. The challenge – filed by Bradley Benoit from the Beaverton area – was mired in an earlier comment regarding the summary explanation. The comment requested the summary of the measure describe in detail the fact that the Oregon Attorney General would be responsible for defending Oregonians, and the law itself, should there be a federal case. This comment was addressed and the Attorney General included Benoit's comments in the revised certified ballot title. In an attempt to stall the signature gathering effort Benoit filed a supreme court challenge to the title stating his comments were not fully addressed. This decision from the Oregon Supreme Court sends a clear message to Benoit that his concerns were adequately addressed in the certified title released after the comment period.

    [ame=""]YouTube- Oregon Cannabis Tax Act Media Coverage - KOIN[/ame]
  11. I tried to post a thread about this earlier but it wouldn't let me for some reason.
    Anyways everyone should do this please!!
    Here is the main site:
    Sign Petition | Oregon Cannabis Tax Act (OCTA 2010)

    Heres a direct link to the petition:

    (you should add this in the first post so everyone sees it)
  12. It may be a long haul on signatures. But this is not impossible. Get out there and tell you friends about this. I have been circulating petitions to be signed with my friends as well as at my campus here in the Portland area. I've already got 30 signatures and I've only been doing it for a few days. I've talked to a good friend of mine over in Eastern Oregon and he is going to circulate the petition around EOU's campus and area's over there. I know it doesn't sound like a lot of signatures so far. But if all of us that believe in this will just collectivly put our bong's down and work together, we can have legalization this year. There are probably 82000 registered voters right here in the Portland Eugene corridor that are for this. Get the word out. Tell all your friends and have them tell their friends. I am hoping to send as many signatures in as I possibly can. School gets out in 2 weeks for summer and I'm going to dedicate myself to this cause. I hope all of you Oregonians out there that want freedom will join me. The Time Has Come To Let Freedom Ring In The Pacific Northwest.:smoke:
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  16. Sweet Kind Friend thanks for helpin out
  17. Anything I can do to help. I'd really like this to be passed!
  18. I'd be willing to meet up with people to spend a couple days papering the town.
  19. yah, i did a thread for it when it just came out. I think it has no chance of making it. only little more than a month left and to little to late.
  20. Let me know how to get a hold of you. I have plenty of petitions and a copier. I will give you as many as you can get signed. You can also order them from the OCTA website. But they take a few days to get to you. If we can get a good number of us standing in high volume of people places, like college campus's, downtown, saturday market, the rose festival, etc. Then we my have a good shot a getting the signatures needed. A lot of people are saying we are to late. But if we can come together and get some people out there petitoning, than all is not lost. Motivate, come together and let our voices be heard in Oregon.

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