Legalize California.

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    It is only natural that California becomes part of the few prestigious states that have succumbed to undeniable civil rights that were won back through blood, sweat, smoke, and tears.
    The petition doesn't take place until early 2014 but it's never too early to begin planting our seeds.
    Half a million signatures will be cake.

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    The signatures to get the petition up arent't the problem, getting people to put their bongs down and go vote is the problem. Prop 19 COULD have passed a couple of years ago, but voter turnout for cannabis smokers was lower than the turnout for conservatives voting agains gay marriage.
    Not trying to be a downer, and I totally support this, but you really need to get onboard with a group like GOTV (Get Out The Vote) and do two major things to helps this;
    1- Get cannabis smokers registered to vote! It's easy, just go to
    2- On voting day, help people get to the polls. Keep a list of phone numbers for people who sign the petion, call them the day before, and volunteer time or money to van pools to get these folks to voting locations.
    Best of luck!
  3. Oh. I see. I should have actually payed attention to what i was reading. The 500k signatures isnt to legalize, its simply to get the proposition on the ballot.
    It's a matter of getting people to vote on the actual proposition at voting time.
  4. if it gets legalized they'll put a shit ton of taxes on it, not down
  5. Ding ding ding. Those bills are written terrible. Don't fall for the its legal lets vote yes. I voted no on 19 and will vote no on this one as well. Let co and wa get all the bums and burnouts. God knows ca already has enough. Keep it in the hands if the people don't let big government run the weed market. Vote no.
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    Don't be so narrow-minded. This isn't about keeping "the man" out of our stash, this is about keeping them from stepping on our dicks every time we try to live our lives. It's about keeping them from tearing good families apart over a simple flower. It's about giving us a chance to show the world that we're decent people. Stop stalling progress because you're afraid. Enough with this "all or nothing" bullshit. Human coexistence is all about compromise and reason. Let's show that we know how to reason.
  7. Forget Cali. Legalize the REAL sunshine state- Florida!  :metal:
  8. Well im just not a fan of how dispensaries are getting shut down. D just passed in LA. And garde grove storefronts have been closed.
    Plus i want to help remove the stigma around marijuana. Though legalizing wouldn't necessarily do that.
    I agree with @[member="starryeyezz"] with the tax thing. What gives them the fucking right to heavily tax weed? We need a bill that doesnt rape us with taxes.
    **If weed were to be legalized for recreational use, would people under 21 still be able get medical recommendations?
  9. a tax on weed and suffer NO consequences for posession, or hold on to a selfish stance believing Gov't shouldnt have the right to tax a plant while people go to jail, pay crazy fines, lose jobs, have families torn apart, property siezed, and reputations crushed. HMMmmmm..... Golly Gee, where do I stand on this????? Please!
  10. golly gee where do you live.  Not Ca because that does not happen here.  It actually helps town, creates jobs and crushed reputations, don't make me laugh.  That shit would kill the economy not help it.  $100 fine for a oz or less with out having to pay a tax for my product, yes please.  Read between the lines and don't just settle for what ever BS they put this way.  Like I said I voted no before and will again until   its something reasonable.   
  11. Pot smokers/growers are now bums and burnouts???? I am guessing the writer of this post is a smoke free mormon.
  12. I live in Arkansas. A bible belt red state that eats pot smokers/growers alive, sucks the life out of them and then hides their head in the sand when the newspapers show our bible belt state leads the nation in teen perscription drug abuse. The REASON Cali doesnt go to such extremes for pot posession is people VOTED to back off the insanity of locking up people who did nothing more than smoke a plant. Cudo's to them. Please realize the rest of the country is NOT Cali, most states, particularily red states have very harsh posession laws. Forgive me if I am a proponent of less people getting their lives ruined over a plant because they live in a state that is holier than thou.
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    LOL i'd probably vote no in Cali too...they have marijuana in abundance...anyone can easily get a med card...then to have high ass taxes on MJ in a state that generally has high cost of living..yea I'd be pissed...Cali might not need it...but other stats fuck yea.
    Though on one have the law enforcement and these governement officials trying to shut down more and more dispensaries..shit ain't right..something has to give.
  14. exactly.  Things are great the way they are now.  There would be no chance the people of ca would vote some terrible legislation just because its legal.  This shit is already legal, what else more do we need beside having the government take over the industry.  
    its cool I will vote no this time around along with all of the people that really understand how bad of a idea legalization is.   
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    it's called a medical card, get one
  16. Ah yes, just get a "medical card". Tell me, does a prescription protect your job if you get randomly tested? How about your kids, does it protect them if your town decides to single your family out because you're growing some plants, even if you keep them well away from your kids? Does a prescription guarantee safe access for everyone, even if a city decides to start shutting down all of the dispensaries within its boundaries? And what about the jobs of those running the dispensaries? Tell them to just "get a medical card" after their business was overrun by the county and all of their cannabis-related assets were seized.
    Yep, we here in Cali are doing just fine...
  17. no it does not and neither does state legalization.  so what would be the point...
    1. Seems to me what I am hearing is; My state is OK, F everyone else.
  18. Yep, that's exactly why the feds are cracking down on Cali, cause of selfish growers and dealers like NorCali, who if I remember right, was discouraging people to vote for legalization last fall just so they can keep on making money without paying taxes. :angry:

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  19. lol.. Had an ex wife that could justify ANYTHING..   If i didnt know better i would say this was her on the other end....   If it benefited her, it was the right thing to do...
    Weed illegal.... based on supply and demand and inflated cost because of prohibition you end up with more $$$ in your pocket...
    Story will change when you find yourself in the same position as Charlie Lynch and countless others...

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