legalize by force?

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  1. in school when i was a freshmen there was a kid that went to our school that pretty much murdered a few people but they couldnt prove it in cort so he got off, it was a more preppy school not innercity, most of the seniors and juniors and all on the student govt shit etc arranged a walkout, at a certin time after 1st period 75% of the students walked out in the front of the school and refused to come back inside unless they removed the student from the school. it worked and i was amazed. what if all of us stoners pick a day and rool up like 20 joints a piece and just go downtown right infront of the govt buildings and lite em up, all over the state or country. if they tryed arresting us all the jails would be sooooo flooded that they would have to just let most of go. i mean like maby 5% of the people involved might face some kind of charges but how much trouble can you get in over a joint anyway? fuck em, we gotta quit depending on polititians to legalize and do something about it ourselvs. LETS START A RIOT!!!!!
  2. i think your joking but dont start a riot. bad BAD publicity, and anyways pot makes people activist most of the time not violet. There was just a global marijuana march in over 300 cities i think? its a great act of civil disobedience that i think should be focused more on california like the big cities (Los Angeles, San Diego, Bay Area in General). keep supporting though from whatever state your from
  3. If it don't happen by the proper route soon I fear that's the direction it will end up heading. We've been following their rules to try and get it legalized for about 50 years now, people can only put up with peaceful revolution for so long.
  4. If the people of America really wanted it to be legalized, it would have already. If everyones mind is not what big brother wants, they have absolutely no power over the people.
  5. im not really talking about a hey lits flip[ cars and catch em on fire and loot all the stors riot. by god sakes they legalized sadamy!!!!! men can legally marry and fuck other men but we can smoke a joint. if there ever was a violent riot over weed legalization id be down for sure but were just stoners, were not angry and mean or whatever, actually we are prolly a bunch of pushovers and thats y nothing much has been done, but... i would guess that 95% of the legalization has been done in the last few years so thats a plus i guess

  6. America has spoken. lol

    and yeah I know some angry stoners. But no one cares enough really to take any action.
  7. Not to discredit the beauty of maryjane, but revolutionizing because weed is illegal? I don't know bout no none of that lol there are much more serious issues that people are crying revolution at, maybe you should hook up with those dudes, but a non-peaceful pot revolution just sounds absurd to me lol :smoke:
  8. I agree. There are many other reasons that come to my mind that might justify violent revolution but not this. A single issue like the legalization of cannabis doesn't rise to the level of actually killing people over it.
  9. thats called 420 bud
  10. Ghandi-style revolution. Come on guys, we'll show those British! err, wait.

    More seriously, we'll win by spreading the truth peacefully and wait patiently. Sorry, it's the only way. And I don't mean hippie style. I mean.. spread the truth about it's medicinal use and how revolutionary it is to science, and the truth about hemp, and the use of the plant, and continue to push new stereotypes on it: We're not all tye dye lazy people throwin' our lives away. We're just people. I'm getting my degree in Ecology. I know many businessmen and women who smoke regulary. Even some of my very, VERY successful professors admit to it.


  11. Sadamy is legal ?:confused::eek: Good lord think of the children!!
  12. Images of rioting pot smokers is hardly what we want the media to portray. I'd rather do a public service announcement wearing my business attire.
  13. gandi style exactly, peacefull, let them try and take all of our bud and put us all in jail for misdominer crimes, we have way more bud and people than they can deal with, if we had a "strike" day to go smoke right infront of the bovt building there is no way that they could fit us all in there jail, it would flood the cort and they wouldnt be able to get anything done if they tryed pressing charges on us all.

    whats a bigger issue than legalizeing pot? ufo disclosure comes close, the govt will take care of there money and shit like that themselvs gauranteed.
  14. ok fuck that idea how about this. we johnny apple seed the mother fuckers and throw Seeds EVERYWHERE!!! like a shitload in forests n shits so it gots to grow. in parks lol itd be funny and sweet as shit.
  15. this is always a much better idea that SWIM tries to practice themselves. Violence is really not the answer, as opposing parties will always latch on to what they can to blow shit up. Take the nazis for instance... after years of the paramilitary murdering all manners of Germans, and Jews not doing anything but service for Germany, there was a political murder relating to some young Jew which obviously the... yah, ya get what I'm saying!

    but yeah, sometimes, SWIM sometimes gets angry at the DEA... and suitably so, so SWIM would be understanding of violent feelings towards that organization. without a doubt... if only the right wing militia groups felt the same way! lol
  16. aznno0odles im way ahead of you, the last 2 years i have planted atleast 500 seads per spring and this year ive allready planted 600 and have another 600 to plant. went and checked a couple places last fall and had 9 plants in 1 and 6 in the other out of 50 or so places i planted. they all went to seed so i just left em there. thay will be back this year im sure.
  17. You are an inspiration to us all
  18. there actually just was a "legalize marijuana protest" or whatever yo wanna call it. Look up Million Man Marijuana March. there were marches in pretty much every major city between may 1-6
  19. sometimes I feel like no one takes those seriously
    like, not to knock some of these, but some of these gatherings in my hometown for instance... with MMJ advocates aside, most of them are just pitiful collections of rabble and losers and wannabes.

    What we need is everyday action, that can't be written off by politicians and the public. We need a presence to be reckoned with 365 days a year... flooding the offices of government, the DA, the police, etc. etc. and making our voices heard in a serious manner... planting seeds everywhere. Sometimes, I just get tired of it, the indignities... ! :devious::rolleyes:

  20. a pot smokers rioting sounds like the laziest riot ever.

    "lets take this city boys. well, lets just take this block, this is a big city"

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