Legalizations effect on the toking community

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    Well yeah, emergency services & operating heavy machinery are the exception. Bus driver is okay, look at rob fucking ford haha.

    I see driving a 40 foot bus as operating heavy machinery on a public hwy. You can be responsible for up to 45 passengers plus who ever else is on the road at the time. Just because you might be pretty good at whipping in and out of traffic in a Prius don't qualify you to negotiate the same traffic in a bus. There's a huge difference. 
    The same goes for semi's. While you might not be hauling human lives, and they do bend in the middle, they are generally almost as wide as the lane and a fully loaded container can weigh possibly 10x as much as a bus. 
    I fail to see how having traces of cannabis in your system should be a problem, but commercial driving is certainly not for the intoxicated.
    Random testing for commercial drivers is a federal mandate, and a commercial license is invalid without an annual DOT physical.
  2. [quote name="kush70" post="19464036" timestamp="1391532090"]uhm yes they can test you......they do have that right... unfortunately lol but yeah..[/quote]
    I'm talking about legal federally blades, it's not like they test for alcohol or nicotine right. So no they wouldn't test.
  3. Oh okay didn't pick that up. yah agree with you on that.
  4. Make it legal discourage hydro,
    Have a place that tests for molds and impurities paid for by the government

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  5. We need better testing for marijuana--a good way to show when you smoked last, not just whether or not you smoke marijuana. I guess the problem is that everyone is different and smokes different amounts. So I suppose it's hard to set a standard of where to draw the line. 
    I work in a factory. No--you should definitely not be smoking before you come to work here. But smoking a bowl after your shift isn't going to hinder your performance the next day. Hell, if you work a night shift--which is common in this industry--smoking a bowl to help fall asleep will leave you much more refreshed that drinking some beer and waking up hungover. So ideally, I'm OK with drug testing, but would like to see a consistent way of distinguishing whether someone smoked one hour ago or ten hours ago. One advantage of legalization is that more research can be done, and hopefully one result of that will be better methods of drug testing. 
  6. Legalize

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  7. did this nigga really say he don't care about growing his own weed

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